Top 10 Posts and Commenters of June

Here are my Top 10 June 2011 posts according to your clicks and forwards. Of the top 10, 2 are guest posts! You can find out how to guest post on my blog by reading You Got Somethin’ To Say? My About page was in their as well, but I took it out of the running. Each of the top 10 commenters will receive a free copy of The Legend of the Monk and the Merchant.

  1. Q & A On Profit-sharing
  2. How To Do Profit-sharing
  3. How To Do Profit-sharing Pt. 2
  4. What’s It Worth To Ya?
  5. Do You Really Care?
  6. Step Over The Line! – Guest post by Louise Thaxton!
  7. Interview with Jon Acuff
  8. Goals? In June? Crazy Talk!
  9. “I’ll Think About It”, and Other Exit Strategies – Guest post by Jana Botkin!
  10. Leadership From Four-star General Stanley McChrystal

Here are my top 10 commenters of June 2011. Thank you for your input!

  1.  Louise Thaxton
  2.  Jana Botkin
  3.  Tom Brichacek
  4.  Chris Johnston
  5. Kim Little
  6.  Misty Gilbert
  7.  Eric Speir
  8.  Lance Cashion
  9.  Emily Plunk
  10.  Jon Edlin

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7 thoughts on “Top 10 Posts and Commenters of June”

  1. Wow, thanks, Chris! Your posts almost always cause me to think and then respond, and I love the way you reply to every comment. You have taught me the importance of that with the commenters on my own blog.

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