Top 10 Posts and Commenters of October

Here are my Top 10 October 2011 posts, according to your clicks and forwards. Each of the top 10 commenters will receive a free copy of Weird by Craig Groeschel. Of the top posts, one is from a Twitter question and one is a re-post from last year. If you would like to guest post, click here to find out how. Special thanks to Michael Hyatt for his continued support and all of those who helped spread the word!

  1. Occupy Wall Street….Why?
  2. Obama Is Forgiving Student Loans
  3. How To Communicate With A Leader With A Different Personality
  4. Apple CEO Tim Cook Gives The Entire Company Thanksgiving Week Off
  5. Things I Heard On My Southwest Flight
  6. When Leaders Throw Team Members Under The Bus
  7. Grand Stand Coaches
  8. Shocked At A Jeff Foxworthy Show
  9. Servant Leadership From A Quarterback
  10. What To Do With Weak Leaders

Here are my top 10 commenters. Thank you for your amazing input that has helped so many readers!!

  1.  Louise Thaxton
  2.  Joel Fortner
  3.  Chris Johnston
  4.  Eric Speir
  5.  Uma Maheswaran
  6.  ginasmom
  7.  Tom Brichacek
  8.  Jana Botkin
  9.  specializingintheimpossible
  10.  Misty Gilbert

If you are enjoying the posts, please let others know.

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Decades of personal and leadership development experience, as well as running multi-million dollar businesses, has made him an expert in life and business coaching. personality types, and communication styles.

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44 thoughts on “Top 10 Posts and Commenters of October”

  1. Well, Tom, you said I was going down a notch this month. You were right. Of course you also went down a notch. Ohhhhhhh!!! Dang that Louise! How about we combine our powers and unseat in Nov?

      1. Joel, I think Chris is using some draconian math to figure out the placements! We are going to have to really up our game to unseat the powerful Louise!
        Now if Chris would write topics everyday that I can comment on, it would be easier. 🙂

        1. No kidding! Where are the posts about candy making you a better leader and what we all wish we knew about the pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow and how to find it? We’d dominate this thing!

          1. Well there you go, Tom! Hot Tamales! Okay, Chris, write about that one! Eric, I think we should try to unseat Louise but only with completely irrelevant comments. This will put Chris in a tight spot trying to figure out the most fair way to rank commenters.

      2. Ok guys – I just got on here – and see what you have been up to! I see I am going to have to UP my game to keep my place! Wow – now if you want to talk HOT TAMALES – I CAN DO IT!

        1. I sure wish my email alerts to this blog worked. I have to go back and re read each blog to make sure I haven’t missed some great information.

          Joel and I have really been hitting Chris to come up with the Candy post, but he hasn’t as of yet. Maybe you can help us out Louise!

  2. Chris, I just wanted to thank you for great content here and on the EntreLeadership podcasts. Please keep it up! Thanks!

    1. Thank you Uma for always putting in your great words of advice!! I love that my blog is not just my blog. All of you who comment leave incredible information that takes what I’m saying to another level. Keep the comments comin’!

  3. Anybody else notice i’m slowly inching up….those above me better watch out:)

    Love this community!, it’s a lot of fun reading the posts, but sometimes the comments are definitely up there, like todays! Love them all.

    Chris – Out of curiosity, you may have answered this one before, how do you pick the books you send out? Do you have some kind of formula, or is it based on the top comments or commenters, or it is a case of “I know a great book you should read…and by the way here it is”

    Thanks for the book in advance, this is a new author for me so pretty cool.

  4. Hey Chris, In all seriousness, I am surprised I still made it to the top 10 this month. I have had a few crazy weeks and have not been able to read all the posts in my inbox from you. I hope nobody gets to the point that its a competition about commenting to stay in the top 10 vs constructive helpful feedback, thoughts and information…I know many times I have thoughts but either I don’t feel its appropriate to share or am not sure my point would be understood. I try to encourage whenever possible and hope that I can continue to be a support to you and your network of EntreLeaders even if I drop below the top 10!!!

    1. I want everyone to look at the comments on my blog as an extension of the teaching. How can you further help those who are reading. You guys do an amazing job of that.

      Aaaaaand, have lots of fun doing it! 🙂

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