Top Posts And Commenters Of 2011

2011  was  my  first  full  year  of  blogging,  and  I  want  to  thank  everyone  for  your  incredible  support!  I  love  to  teach.  But  if  you  weren’t  getting  anything  out  of  this  blog,  I  wouldn’t  do  it.  According  to  your  comments,  you’re  enjoying  it.  So  on  we  go  into  2012!

Special  thanks  to  Michael  Hyatt  for  his  continued  support  and  all  of  those  who  helped  spread  the  word!

According  to  your  clicks  and  forwards,  here  are  my  top  10  posts  of  2011:

  1. Dang  This  Hurts!
  2. Occupy  Wall  Street  …Why?
  3. Zig  Ziglar’s  Wheel  of  Life
  4. Obama  Is  Forgiving  Student  Loans
  5. Dang,  Did  I  Do  That?
  6. Interview  with  Dave  Ramsey’s  Personal  Assistant
  7. How  To  Declutter  Your  Mind
  8. Why  You  Must  Hire  Correctly! 
  9. How  To  Earn  More  Sales  Without  More  Leads
  10. How  Not  To  Bomb  At  Speaking

I  can’t  say  enough  about  the  comments  on  my  blog!  You  guys  have  a  wealth  of  knowledge,  and  I’m  so  grateful  that  you  chose  to  share  your  words  of  wisdom  with  those  who  read  these  posts.  Thank  you!  As  additional  thanks,  you’ll  be  receiving  something  special  from  me.


  1.  Louise Thaxton
  2.  Joel Fortner
  3.  ginasmom
  4.  Eric Speir
  5.  Jana Botkin
  6.  Tom Brichacek
  7.  Uma Maheswaran
  8.  Misty Gilbert
  9.  Chris Johnston
  10.  specializingintheimpossible

Here’s hoping 2012 will be the best year of our leadership ever! Well…until the next year.

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21 thoughts on “Top Posts And Commenters Of 2011”

  1. A silver medal isn’t bad! Thanks so much for putting such thought and enthusiasm into your content. It’s the foundation for everything else that happens here. Looking forward to that “something special” and a great 2012 here!

  2. 2011 was a great year. I was able to discover your blog and since then it has been a great journey of learning for me. And, there is an vibrant virtual commuity of followers here who make this more lively.

    Keep up the good work Chris! Looking forward to an interesting 2012.

  3. Congrats on a great year. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes in 2012. I’ve enjoyed the blog as well as the EntreLeadership podcasts. Please, keep it up!

  4. Keep posting great content and we will keep spreading the word and commenting. I appreciate the time that you put in to your blog and mentoring us from a far. If you’re ever in the Atlanta area I’ll be glad to buy you a cup of coffee or lunch!

  5. Thanks for the year of great posts. Looking forward to better ones in 2012. (No pressure…)
    Now to read Decembers posts. I’ve been a little busy! In a down economy no less! Looking like its going to be a GREAT year.

  6. I have to say I have truly enjoyed and have been blessed by your writings for the year, Chris. What a COMMUNITY you have here. Or ……are we your TRIBE??? Thanks for the opportunity to share our comments with you and others. Be blessed in 2012!

  7. Chris, Congratulations on an awesome year! and thank you for getting us to seriously think about leadership issues. I’ve enjoyed the posts a ton, enjoyed discovering new blogs (My fellow commenters), as well finding a couple new authors. Keep up the good work and I pray that 2012 exceeds your wildest blogging expectations. Off course assuming we are still around at the end of the year!.
    Looking foward to “the special something”, and thanks in advance for it!.

    To my fellow commenters – you rock!

  8. Wow, I made the list!!??
    Thanks for the “something special”… whatever it is 🙂
    I have really enjoyed your blog–absolutely love it!
    It makes me think. And I love that many of the comments also really make me think.
    Looking forward to 2012!!

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