Transcript: How To Replace Worry With Peace

Transcript: How To Replace Worry With Peace

Chris LoCurtoHow to replace worry with peace that is coming up next.

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The common culprit of anxiety, digestive problems, heart disease, weight gain…

Welcome to the show folks. Today we’re talking about something that damages your health, something that disrupts your productivity, something negatively affects the way you treat others, and reduces your ability to trust in God. What is the thing that we’re talking about? Worry, worry, worry, worry… When you engage, worry and fear your hypothalamus, this is a tiny region at the base of your brain, right? It sets off an alarm system in your body through a combination of nerve and hormonal signals, the system tells your adrenal glands, so the adrenal glands, they release a surge of hormones.

Now that’s including both adrenaline and cortisol. Many of you know of both of those. You’ve heard of adrenaline, you obviously know of adrenaline and a lot of you know of cortisol. Now Cortisol is great. There’s a flight or fight mode where you need this. There’s a lot of good times when you need cortisol, but here’s what happens when you have sustained levels of cortisol. You potentially have anxiety, depression, digestive problems, headaches, heart disease, sleep problems, weight gain, memory and concentration impairment, so we liked the way that Ralph Waldo Emerson put it, which is, “Fear, defeats more people than any one thing in the world.”

All of that stuff comes from worry, comes from fear, comes from stress. When you kick that stuff in in your body, look at what comes out of it. Elevated levels of adrenaline and cortisol, especially the cortisol cause a whole ton of problems inside of your body. So what we’re talking about today is how to replace worry with peace.

The difference between worry and genuine concern

Now there is a difference between worry and genuine concern. Worry, immobilizes you concern moves you to action. When you’re concerned about something, usually it causes you to go, “I should do something about that.” Worry is the kind of thing that shuts you down. It keeps you from focusing on it, keeps you from solving it, or it can damage your health. It can disrupt your productivity. It can negatively affect the way you treat other people, and I can promise you this, it does reduce your ability to trust in the guy who spread a billion galaxies in picoseconds.

The guy who makes trees on the weekend, the guy who made 3.2 billion bits of code of your DNA, the guy who created microbiomes in your stomach, your eyes, your ears, your skin, all over. The guy who can do anything? When you worry, it reduces your ability to trust in him. That’s no Bueno. That’s no good. So we’re going to talk about that today. Now today’s episode is brought to you by Next-Level Life. Worry is something we see every single week in next level life.

It’s a response on the surface that holds people back now and a lot of people don’t believe that they haven’t, and then they discover, oh gosh, I actually do have a lot of things that I worry about or I have some things to worry about. We all know what worry feels like. Usually we want to stop worrying, but it can consume us if we don’t understand where it’s coming from.

We often need help and outside perspective. Next level life is our two day personal discovery experience. It’s a one on one personalized event where we guide you through a process to help you get unstuck in life, improve relationships, discover what’s holding you back from freedom and peace and to get over the worry. What would it look like for you to have healthier relationships with less conflict? What would it be like in a year if you had clarity, purpose, and peace.

Probably a big difference from where you stand today. There is a better way. I know because I’ve been where you are and it starts with next level life. You can go to to take the next step. If you’re struggling with worry or discontentment or if you’re filled with anxiety or your relationships are lacking…don’t keep going through the motions every day. Learn how to move past the things robbing you of peace. Go to and take the next step.

The first question to ask, to stop worry in it’s tracks

So now let’s talk about how to stop worry in its tracks. The first thing is you have to ask yourself this question. Do you downplay worry or do you accept it? Now, downplaying worry sounds a little bit like this, “oh, everybody’s busy and stressed” “It is what it is” or “It’s good to be worried. It means you care.” It’s possible that you’re so used to worry that you don’t recognize it anymore.

Now, as I talked through some of this, there’s also a lot of other health issues that could cause this, but these might be some symptoms that you’re actually worrying about something. Do you have tight shoulders? Do you have tension headaches? Are you thinking about the future often with worry, that is a big piece right there that’s pointing to that, right?

Are you wondering what could go wrong? Are you restless? Are you irritable? Are you feeling uneasy? Those are some great symptoms that may be coming or maybe pointing to the fact that you’re worrying about stuff right now. Now, by downplaying the fact that you are worrying doesn’t actually change the worry. We’ve convinced ourselves that if we don’t give it much attention, then you know maybe we’re not actually doing it. If you’re worrying guys, you’re worrying. That’s it.

Plain and simple, denying it’s not going to change it, so instead you have to focus on it. You have to realize that there’s something that you’re struggling with… Now will tell you this, your diet can have a lot to do with it, a lot. If you’re eating a bunch of sugars. If you’re eating a bunch of processed foods, if you’re eating American wheat, corn, soy, if you’re eating a bunch of junk, than that can really be affecting what’s happening in your brain, so cutting that out can be one of the very first things that you do to change whether or not you’re worrying. A lot of that inflammation is absolutely directly connected to depression.

So if you’re finding yourself being depressed like we talked about earlier, if you’re finding yourself being depressed, then you might find that you’re putting a whole bunch of junk inside of your body that’s causing this. So change your diet, but don’t downplay it. Don’t look at it and say, well, everybody deals with this. It’s not that big of a deal except the fact that you’re worrying or you’re struggling, and let’s start doing things to get rid of it.

The core of our worry

Number two, the core of our worry, we have to discover what is the thing that we’re worried about. Now, a lot of folks, um, have this bad habit. It’s a force of habit that they stay unprepared, that they’re not prepared for things. A lot of high d’s And i’s will push things to the last minute, “Oh, I’m not going to focus on that right now.

I’ll do that closer to the time that I need to be ready.” And unfortunately we get closer to that time and this happens all the time because there’s always something that we have to be prepared for. Then they have to rush through a process of getting prepared for something and usually leave out details and pieces don’t fall in line and there’s a whole lot of stress and worry.

If you’re unprepared, this is an easy one to fix. Get prepared, put things in place, solve this. If you’re always running late to stuff and it’s stressing you out, solve it for sure. So get yourself moving. Do the things that you need to do so that you don’t stress yourself. How’s it making you feel that you’re late all the time and it’s stressing you out when you get there, right?

Much less it’s stressing other people out. How’s it feel when you’re not prepared for that meeting? When you’re not prepared for that discussion that you’re going to have with your team, how does that feel? All those things cause you a lot of worry, a lot of problems. Also, what if it’s a lack of trust?

Do you trust God is going to get it right?

A lot of times we don’t trust that God’s going to get things done and so we stress like crazy and, and I will tell you this, I believe everything in life comes down to two things: not believing that God has our best interest at heart, and where we get our worth. Now, a lot of you Christians out, they’re going to say, oh, I totally believe God has my best interest at heart. Oh, do you? How can we keep taking control of your life? How can you keep telling yourself lies?

How can we keep doing stupid? We all do it. We all do it. Just because I am a Christian doesn’t mean I don’t screw up all the time. I screw up all the time and there’s many times I struggle with believing that God has my best interest at heart. When my head knows that it’s true, right? My head knows it, but sometimes we have a lack of trust and because we have a lack of trust that can cause a ton of worry, it can cause a ton of stress.

If that’s it, then you have to really break it down and ask yourself, why am I not trusting and what do I need to change my expectations? Somebody has broken my trust a ton of times. Then change your expectation. I expect this person to break my trust instead of harboring, you know, stress and worry and all that junk.

You know, bitterness against the person who has let you down. There’s an old saying, bitterness is like taking a cyanide pill and expecting the other person to die. It destroys you, so instead, change your expectations. Inside the limbic system of your brain is the Amygdala. The amygdala is where you set expectations and whenever those expectations are not met by an outside source or by you, I believe you set a response to that unmet expectation which can be joy. It can be happiness, it can be rage.

It can be going postal, right? So if you’re stressing because you’re not trusting somebody, reset your expectations. Maybe you shouldn’t trust that person, but you should always trust that God has your best interest at heart. You should trust that he cares about you like crazy. If you’re not trusting him, you’re not spending enough time focused on him, guaranteed.You’re not spending enough time going through his word, spending time in prayer, guaranteed. The more time you spend with him, the more you will trust him.

How we become victims to worry

Number 3, victim mentality that comes with worry. We become powerless to our worry. We accept that as a plague upon us and we sit in it, right? We did a great episode on victim mentality and powerlessness, so go back and listen to episode 276 really great episode on that.

We become powerless when we become a victim, when we allow this worry to overtake us. Remember that list I mentioned earlier of the negative effects of worry?

Those are all the things we choose to do when we worry, we choose to damage our health. When we worry, we choose to disrupt our productivity. When we worry, we choose to negatively affect the way we treat others. When we worry, we choose to reduce our ability to trust in God.

You see, if you’re not worrying and worry is a choice. Now again, like I say, a lot of times, some of you have such terrible eating habits that’s affecting you immensely. That’s a choice. You’re choosing bad food that’s causing worry, depression, anxiety, stress, right? Stop being a victim to worry.

What’s on your worry list?

Ask yourself the question, what’s on your worry list? Think about it. What’s occupying your thoughts? What’s creating that tension? Write it down. Sit down and actually create a list of all the things that you’re worried about. Go through them one after another and tell yourself, I’m not a victim to that. I’m not a victim to that. I’m choosing this. I’m allowing this. I’m not putting healthy boundaries in place. I’m believing this lie.

Whatever that thing is, you need to put things in place to stop the worry, but you have to take responsibility that you’re the one allowing it. I can’t control you except physically. If I can physically control you that’s the only way I can control you, but I can’t control you by being a jerk, by suggesting that you’re a horrible person. I can’t control you. All I can do is highly suggest those things to you. So if you’re worried about something that’s coming from somebody else and you’re becoming a victim and the process, you’re choosing to do so.

You’re choosing to receive it. You’re choosing not to put healthy boundaries in place, so stop being a victim to worry. Recognize it, discover what it is, put things in place to get rid of it. So weekly action items. Number one, the same God who created life in you can be trusted with the details of your life. Let me say that again.

The very same God who created life inside of you can be trusted with the details of your life. Go to him, talk to your father, talk to the guy who wants to solve things for you. Talk to the guy who can remove the worry. Give it to him. Number two, worry about the future hurts your efforts for today. There is zero point in worrying about the future. What does it benefit you? It doesn’t benefit you one bit. So what’s the point? If there’s no benefit from worrying.

When it’s okay to “worry”

Now, listen, there are times to worry. There are times to be concerned. If a lion is running right at you, worry about that situation. That’s the time to do something about it, right? But worrying about, in the future, I’m about to get attacked. Hey, that’s a good thing to worry about when you’re worried about whether or not somebody is not going to like you. When you’re worried about you’re going to fail at the task your leader gave you.

When you worry about, you know your kids are not going to love you the way you want. When you worry about all of this stuff in the future, all it does is affect your body negatively. It does not affect anything else. It doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t benefit anything. It doesn’t make something in the future better by worrying. Jesus didn’t actually live out his death until the night before, right?

We don’t see anywhere in the Bible where Jesus was really heavily focused on dying and he knew what he was going to. He knew what he was called to this life for. He knew why he was sent here, but we don’t see him struggling until the night before. Why? Because it’s pointless. So don’t worry about the future. If you do, it’s going to affect everything that you’re doing today.

Why it’s more harmful than it ever is helpful

Number three, worry is more harmful than helpful. Again, what is the benefit of worry? Show me something. Tell me. Send me an email at Tell me a reason that worry is great. Tell me a benefit that you get from it. It’s more harmful than helpful. It doesn’t help you to worry. It helps you to solve problems. It helps you to, if you see something that is a concern, then solve a problem, but worrying about it literally doesn’t help you.

It actually hurts you in the process.

God does not ignore those who depend on him

Number Four, God does not ignore those who depend on him. Folks, he wants you to depend on him. He wants you to rely on him. He does not ignore you. He will help you through these processes. Take your stuff to him. Take your words to him.

Worrying shows a lack of faith in God

Number five, worrying shows a lack of faith in God, as well as understanding of God.

The more you worry, the more it shows you don’t understand him more. It shows that you don’t know him well, that you don’t have faith in him to take care of problems. Get your tail in your Bible, get your tail in his word. Spend time learning about him. Don’t just go by what your preacher says. Take responsibility for your eternity. You’re the one who’s supposed to have responsibility here, right? Get Your butt in God’s word.

Spend time learning him. Learn who he is, learning how he loves on his kids and how he takes care of his kids.

Worrying keeps us from real challenges

Number six, worrying keeps us from real challenges that God wants us to pursue. Now, when you worry, you have a hard time looking at real challenges as something that’s a benefit to you. You have a hard time looking at suffering.

There are so many people who are, who are spreading a false message about God. God is only love. God wants us to be happy. God doesn’t want us to hurt…Listen, God doesn’t want you to hurt for no reason, but here’s one thing that you will learn as you go through his whole entire word. God uses suffering to grow us. God uses suffering to grow us, so this really bad message that’s out there, that God is only love and he doesn’t care that you disobey him…none of that’s real.

None of that’s accurate. When you worry, guess what you do? You keep yourself from understanding that God challenges you a lot of times through struggle and suffering, you don’t look at the struggle or the suffering is something that God’s going to benefit you with. You look at it as something negative and we start begging God, please get me out of this difficult situation.

Try something different. Hey Lord, okay, I’m in it. You’re not surprised about it. You know it’s here. Helped me to see as fast as possible what it is you want me to learn from this. Number seven, living one day at a time keeps us from being consumed with worry. Guys, focus on today. Focus on what you’ve got to do today. The flowers of the field, the lilies of the field. Do not worry about what’s coming tomorrow. They don’t worry about what’s going to happen.

They don’t worry that they’re going to need to have food or clothing or anything like that. They are dressed in God’s beauty. God has taken care of them. If he will take care of the flowers of the field, how much more will he take care of his creation in man. Live one day at a time. Focus on today. Don’t worry about what you need for tomorrow.

Don’t worry about what you need or want. We say need all the time, right? Focus on today. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Big thing I’m trying to say here, trust in God. Work hard. Get plans in place. Get prepared if you need to. Make smart changes, change your expectations, change your diet, which is probably having a big effect on a lot of this, but more than anything, I want you to trust in God.

Now, folks, if you know someone that needs to hear this, share it with them and please take a couple of minutes and review us on itunes. If this podcast is helping you, those reviews help others to find us and see what the show is all about and if it could help them in their life, in their business as well. So thank you for doing that. It means a ton to us. We really appreciate that.

Our goal is to change as many lives as we possibly can, and if you are struggling with worry, if it’s a pattern that impacts your life, you may need outside perspective and a plan, so if you’re stuck, do something. Don’t stay there. You don’t have to become a victim to worry and spend the rest of your life worrying.

You can have peace. You can have freedom, you can have clarity. Go to to learn more about next level life and take the next step. Folks, hopefully today this is helping you as always, take this information, change your leadership, Change Your Business, change your life, and join us next episode.



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