Transcript: Next-Level Life: What Keeps Us From Freedom

Chris LoCurto:                      Welcome to the show folks. Today we have a special guest, Andrea Lingenfelter. I just love saying her name. She’s a wife. She’s a mom to two adorable kids and she is a leader. And we’ve gotten to spend some time with Andrea at the office when she was here for both her Next Level Life and came through as part of the leadership team for a company StratPlan event. So if you will do me a big favor and welcome to the show, Andrea. Andrea, welcome.

Andrea L:                                Thanks Chris, I’m glad to be on today.

Chris LoCurto:                      Well, it’s so good to have you on. I got the chance to see a lot of you over the last month. So just before we even dive into all the information, what has your last month of being here been like?

Andrea L:                                It’s been a little hectic, but you know what? Every minute that I spent there with you guys was well worth it. Especially the food.

Chris LoCurto:                      Ha! That tends to be the thing that people love…We do a lot of great food. What was your favorite, because you did both Next-Level Life and Stratplan, so you’ve had a ton of different food. What was your favorite thing?

Andrea L:                                The Bison Ribeyes by far.

Chris LoCurto:                      That’s always the winner and you got to have that twice, so that’s cool. Well, we’re so glad to have you on the show because you’ve gotten to experience two different sides of the things that we do. We have the three major things that we do Next-Level Life, which is on the personal side. You come through and experience that. Stratplan, which is for the leadership team of a company where I always say we rip the business apart, but I don’t think that ever sounds really good. It’s literally going through and discovering all the things holding you back and then we also do the leadership side, which is Next-Level Mastermind, all that. You got to come through on both the Next-Level Life and the StratPlan. So coming through on a personal event and a business event, what was great? What was different about it? How well did it line up for you?

Andrea L:                                I was very grateful to go through Next-Level Life first. It taught me a lot about myself…I mean it was things I already knew, but it brought them out into the front and it gave me a chance to work on those things within myself before I was able to come in with the team and really dive into StratPlan. Plus it also really prepared me for kind of how you ask questions. It was pretty great actually getting to be involved from both sides of it, both personally and on the business side because it helped me grow not only as a person but as a leader.

Chris LoCurto:                      Right, because StratPlan is not easy is it?

Andrea L:                                No, not at all.

Chris LoCurto:                      Neither the events are easy. They’re tough events, but if you’re going to grow in life, the tough events are what gets you there. But I remember one point where you said, “You know, I’m working through the tools from my Next-Level Life right now,” and I don’t even remember what specifically the subject was, but I remember there was a point where because you had gone through Next-Level Life then in StratPlan. You were actually literally going through: here’s how I would normally react to this, but here’s how I’m acting now, and it was a powerful moment for you. At least I feel like it was a powerful moment for you. It was for me.

Andrea L:                                Yes, it was.

Chris LoCurto:                      So if we were to look back a year ago, and by the way, you also had another great thing come out of your Next-Level Life. Do you want to share that?

Andrea L:                                I brought my husband along because I felt like him and I are a partnership and we’re in this along with God and he became saved during the first day of Next-Level Life. So that was very powerful because it strengthened our relationship and it helps him to grow in his relationship with God as well.

Chris LoCurto:                      Such an exciting day. It was so great to see that happen and to experience that. So we’re so glad that we were able to be a part of that process too. So praise God for that. And not everybody brings their spouse, but praise God that you did. If you were to look back a year ago, and if you were to yourself, “if my life were at a hundred percent, if I could wave a magic wand and see the best version of what my life would be like,” what would your answer have been?

Andrea L:                                I asked myself that a year ago, I probably would have come up with the answer that I wanted to be a perfect mom, that I wanted to be a perfect leader, that I wanted to have my whole life completely together and awesome. That’s probably the answer I would have given. But that’s definitely not what I would say anymore.

Chris LoCurto:                      What would you say now?

Andrea L:                                I would say that I would hope to be the best that I can in all of those areas. But that I also acknowledge that I can’t be perfect because I’m not designed to be perfect. But I can work towards being the best I can possibly be with God at my side.

Chris LoCurto:                      It’s amazing the amount of stresses that we put on ourselves. It’s so funny. We asked that question a thousand times to people. If you could wave a magic wand and our goal is not for people to go, oh, what could the perfect life be like? It’s to imagine what it would be like and then to realize, oh, you know, you come through something like a Next-Level Life and you see that’s not even…not only is that, probably not 100 percent possible, but I’m not sure that’s exactly what I want. Because so much of that is focused on what other people would see in me as opposed to what God sees in me or what I want for me. Is that sound about correct?

Andrea L:                                That’s absolutely right.

Chris LoCurto:                      So you’re looking at life now. It’s not about being a perfect person, is it?

Andrea L:                                No, not at all.

Chris LoCurto:                      What is it about?

Andrea L:                                It’s about putting God first. Really walking with Him and serving him and serving others at the same time.

Chris LoCurto:                      Powerful stuff. Now you’re a mom, you’re a wife, and you’re a leader. So thinking about your life as a whole, go back in time, what were your biggest frustrations a year ago, six months ago, before Next-Level Life?

Andrea L:                                I struggled and juggled and I had a lot of issues with setting priorities and constantly feeling like a failure because I was trying to do things all on my own, I was not looking towards God and just really trying to do the walk of life on my own and it was not succeeding and I was just constantly beating myself up for it.

Chris LoCurto:                      Where were you looking for your worth?

Andrea L:                                In everybody else around me.

Chris LoCurto:                      What were you telling yourself during that process where you’re seeking worth from man? What are you telling yourself?

Andrea L:                                I was telling myself that if people weren’t liking me or they weren’t liking what I was doing, that I was not being successful and there was no way I could be successful and I felt like I was in a never ending circle.

Chris LoCurto:                      And you were talking about, and I think this is so the way that so many people are. Is…you made the mention of beating yourself up. What was that like?

Andrea L:                                I constantly believed all the lies I would tell myself and I couldn’t see clearly enough that they were lies. I started telling them to myself often that I believed them. I believed all the horrible things I thought about myself and about all the horrible things I thought I was dealing with when in reality, that’s not the truth at all.

Chris LoCurto:                      I don’t want you to share anything you don’t want to share, but what can you share about lies or realities or truths or things that you learned.

Andrea L:                                I constantly told myself that I was never good enough and that I needed to be in full control and show control over my emotions at all times, and I saw myself as a failure and that I needed to be perfect. So my life constantly contradicted itself.

Chris LoCurto:                      And you have really become an expert at showing control, haven’t you?

Andrea L:                                Yes

Chris LoCurto:                      And how has that impacted you as a person?

Andrea L:                                It felt like I couldn’t really be true to myself because I was constantly hiding behind this mask.

Chris LoCurto:                      Not being your authentic you.

Andrea L:                                Yes, exactly.

Chris LoCurto:                      Did you discover that during your event?

Andrea L:                                Oh yes.

Chris LoCurto:                      What did you think when you saw your authentic self?

Andrea L:                                It opened my eyes because I knew it was there all along. I was just too busy focusing on the lies that I couldn’t see through them for what they were.

Chris LoCurto:                      And of course all of that was about how God saw you right?

Andrea L:                                Absolutely yes. [laughter]

Chris LoCurto:                      The big focus is on man and what man thinks of you. How man sees you. You have to be in control because you don’t want men to see that you’re out of control. You have to focus on control because you can’t be vulnerable enough to be out of control. All that sound, right?

Andrea L:                                Yes.

Chris LoCurto:                      Now, how was all of that or was it. Was any of that holding you back in your marriage, in your, your mothering or being a leader at work?

Andrea L:                                Oh, absolutely. I was trying to maintain control on my own. When I started going through Next-Level Life and realizing that I was not putting God where I needed to. In other words, I wasn’t putting him first and foremost, and I was not operating through him really, it opened my eyes and so since then I’ve been working on putting him first and just really thinking things through first. I’ll pray about it and I’ll bring him in and just really gain perspective on the situation before I move forward

Chris LoCurto:                      There is a ton of people listening that are exactly where you are and it’s one of the things that just absolutely amazes me, is how long people will hold out before they get here for Next-Level Life. They’re thinking, well, maybe I don’t need that, or I know somebody else that needs that, and the truth is every single person on the planet needs to go through Next-Level Life. There isn’t anybody. We’ve had people come through with phenomenal lives that you know, no problems whatsoever, and still walk out going, wow, this was a huge blessing to me to see how I could have a better life, not how I can be better for men, but how my life can be better. So there’s a ton of people that identify with what you’re saying because we all experience in life to some extent the stuff that you’ve gone through, that fear of failure, that fear of man’s opinion, that fear of judgment, the fear of being out of control, the need to be in control of life. And so funny, people don’t realize that control which control is an illusion because we really not controlling the things we think we are, but it’s not just controlling people. Your focus wasn’t on controlling people as much as controlling you. You keeping you in control so that people’s opinions didn’t beat you up. Does that sound correct?

Andrea L:                                That’s right, yeah, it was more about controlling me and how I portrayed myself so that I wouldn’t get hurt

Chris LoCurto:                      Because if you are being your authentic self, which again, not really knowing who that is, until coming through Next-Level Life, but if you, if you are being the real Andrea, people would not like that person. People would take advantage of that person? People would hurt that person?

Andrea L:                                That’s what I used to think, yes.

Chris LoCurto:                      And you’ve probably experienced that, but we tie it to, oh, it’s because it’s Andrea being Andrea, so if I just take control of myself and I push this aside, then I don’t have to worry about getting hurt.

Andrea L:                                Right.

Chris LoCurto:                      What is your view on that now?

Andrea L:                                No, I don’t need to be in control because control A) I can’t be in control, and B) because if I opened myself up to more people and if I have God at my side… it’s amazing the difference. I have no fear that people are gonna look at me badly for how I think or how I act. I’m not worried about that at all because what they think doesn’t really matter in the long run. It’s how God thinks and if I’m working through him then I have nothing to worry about.

Chris LoCurto:                      It changes your perspective on who you you worry about, and whose opinions you worry about. So this is the crazy cycle. Tell me if I’m wrong on this, but the crazy cycle is “I’m worried about what man thinks of me, so I’m going to take control of how I am instead of being my authentic self instead of being the true Andrea that God made me to be,” and this is something a lot of people don’t know. There’s no word in the Hebrew for hero because we’re not supposed to be like anybody else except for Jesus. You’re supposed to be, we’re not supposed to be like Mike, the old saying in the nineties were supposed to be the best version of who god made us. You’re supposed to be the best Andrea that God made, but we get in this place of allowing people to hurt us. We’re not victims, and we allow it. Not saying that people don’t come along in our total jerks, but if we’re working with God, it changes the way we received that stuff. But so the fear of failing, the fear of judgment, the fear of people condemning you, thinking badly of you, causes you to take control and present a different person who’s not authentically you and always worrying about having to be in control to control the thoughts of other people so that you don’t get hurt. That’s terribly exhausting, isn’t it?

Andrea L:                                Absolutely

Chris LoCurto:                      And when you hear it, looking back on life now, what do you think?

Andrea L:                                I want to know what I was thinking [laughter]. It was a crazy cycle. It was exhausting and being able to work towards letting that go has been so freeing.

Chris LoCurto:                      What was your Aha moment? If you had an Aha moment in the event, what would you say it was or what was something that allowed you to go from struggle and frustration to clarity?

Andrea L:                                It was actually watching my husband as he battled his way towards becoming saved. Constantly asking the questions until there were no more questions to be asked. And all that was left was just to believe. And just watching that struggle and knowing how much I struggle in myself, but also knowing that I already have God in my life. I’m already saved. It made me think, okay, why am I battling so much if I’ve already got this belief I need to just go of the fears I need to let go of the lies, I need to quit trying battle the demons on my own, and I need to bring God back in my life and make him first. And as my husband was going through this in getting to the point where he was saved, it was just a big relief within myself as well and it just kind of flipped the switch, and from then on, everything else fit in the place.

Chris LoCurto:                      We’ve had many salvations through Next-Level Life. We’ve had many atheists come through that didn’t get saved. That doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the focus, but it’s interesting when people ask questions and they dig into this thing and they’re like, this can’t be true in this can’t be right, but I think this is our first spouse coming through that God saved. That could be wrong in that, but I feel like that’s correct. And as we’re going through and discovering…For us, there’s only one true place to get worth. So let me kind of back this up a little bit for everybody who’s listening. We always look for man to get our worth from. We’re always looking to do something that may makes men think that we’re great. We’re always looking to say something that makes men think that we’re worth something. We are clay pots. We are the created, made by the same creator and so instead of looking to him for worth a guy who actually made us who loves us immensely more than we can possibly imagine… and so many people have taken a look at their parents or taking a look at bad religion and stapled that to God, which is not what you should be doing because it’s not the same. But we look to men for worth so often. I mean once we get it, it lasts for about five minutes and then we got to go do something again to be worthy again. It’s interesting that you’re going through a process, discovering how you sought worth from men, the things that you were doing, the decisions that you’re making and pointing towards the one thing you were learning in the process, which is how to get your worth from God, which is 24/7, 365… for your husband to be sitting in, and I’m assuming Mike in his mind was going, “Huh, well, where would I get my worth?” Because it’s a difficult place, right? If you don’t believe in God, if you don’t believe that this life isn’t the life that the next one is. If you don’t believe that he’s crazy about you. Where’s your focus come from? So what is that like as a spouse for you? Going through learning these things about yourself knowing, okay, I’m hearing this, I’m seeing that this can come from God. Looking at your husband, was there concerns? Was their worries? Was there Aha moments? What went through your mind?

Andrea L:                                I knew it was something he struggled, because he doesn’t have a very good background in his childhood. So I never really understood where he got his worth from. I think he tried to get it for himself and it never worked because he never saw himself as worthy of anything, ever. So, to me, I was just hoping, you know, that he’d be there and maybe some of this would help him in his journey, but I never expected what came out of it. So it was just, it was amazing to be able to watch him let that go and for the first time I’m really believe that he was worth something to God, which is bigger than trying to be worth something to anyone else out there.

Chris LoCurto:                      We’ve had some atheists that have come through that. Again, not everybody. We don’t talk to everybody about necessarily about salvation and stuff like that. It depends on if they want to know if they want to ask the questions, but we’ve had some that have come through that still on the other side… and here’s what I tell people is that if it’s about science, science is an easy one to overcome. People have everybody who’s come through that said, I don’t believe in God because of science. It takes about, it’s a 30 minute conversation. I mean, it doesn’t take long. The issue is almost never that. I’ve had probably a handful of people that that’s what the issue was in their life. Most people, it’s this bad image of God, it’s this, I don’t want that lifestyle. I’ve got an abusive parent and if that’s what God is like, I don’t want that type of person in my life, and so seeking worth so becomes about what can I get from man, something that is created just like I am, something that has the same potential as I do is going to die someday, that’s going to be it. How can I get my worth from that person. For Mike, he’s now opened up to seeing and again he didn’t do Next-Level Life yet, he sat in on yours. How is it for him now? Somebody who thought he wasn’t worth squat to not only have this belief in God, this belief and joy in the next life, but how is he looking at his worth now, knowing that God loves him?

Andrea L:                                Well it’s amazing really. Before he would really beat himself up over the smallest trivial things and it would just be a full blown explosion, but ever since the event… Now if something goes wrong, I can watch him step back and he’ll go into prayer and he’ll come out on the other side of that more peaceful. Now, it’s not a constant thing and he’s only been a month and he still, he’s still battling pretty hard and I know and he knows it’s going to be an uphill battle with some of the demons that he’s working with. But, he has just turned quite a corner. He he has gotten his life now and it’s a whole lot more evident because he seems to be more at peace now.

Chris LoCurto:                      That is so powerful. I love knowing that this father of two, that this husband is now stepping back and going into prayer to solve things in his life. That is. So. That is fantastic. Okay. Let’s talk about empowering things. What in the two days would you say was the most empowering thing that you learned?

Andrea L:                                I think the biggest thing is that the only way to block out the lies and the fears that I allow to control my life is to pray for the strength, to focus on the truth and for God to keep me completely 100 percent on those truths and that I can’t do that by myself. There’s no way I can battle that on my own.

Chris LoCurto:                      For those of you that are listening that have not been through Next- Level Life, two the things that we focus on and I’ve suggested you try this on other episodes and you can get decently far. It’s amazing to go through Next-Level Life of how deep we get on how much you lie to yourself. Folks coming in, it’s so funny. They’re like, now how can I lie to myself? Wouldn’t I know that I was lying and it’s just not even remotely close. We don’t even focus on the lies. Sometimes we’ll focus on it, you know, throughout the day, but we really focus on the end of day one, but on the end of day two, we focus on the truths and the truth is almost never the opposite of the lie the truth, because the lie that we’re telling ourselves has to do with something else. We tell ourselves this surface level lie of, “I’ll never be appreciated by people.” “I can’t trust anyone” and we think that that’s the actual lie and the reason we’re telling ourselves that is a totally different reason. And so we focus on what are the actual truths. So you can battle with that. The first thing you do is you’ve got to go to the Holy Spirit who has the power to help you through this battle and then start shouting the truths at the lies. I say shouting, that’s my brain has to…I have to do it that way. But when you focus the truths, the real truths, the actual truths, all of a sudden you’re able to battle through that lie, which is something you experienced in StratPlan. Correct?

Andrea L:                                Yes I did.

Chris LoCurto:                      What was that like in that moment? What was different about that compared to anything in the past?

Andrea L:                                The only way I can explain it is that it was just freeing. It was like this weight lifted off my shoulders to know that I’m not alone. I’m not supposed to be alone and I’ve got someone that for me to lean on to help steer me away from the lies.

Chris LoCurto:                      And it made it different for your responses inside of a very important business event, didn’t it?

Andrea L:                                Yes.

Chris LoCurto:                      Because you got to be the authentic Andrea in the moment and not give answers that you wanted people to appreciate you for like you for or thin good of you. You got to put the answers out that you felt like were good, honest, no matter what, if it’s painful or not answers

Andrea L:                                Exactly. It allowed me to be more and if I had ideas I felt more free to share them than I would have in the past.

Chris LoCurto:                      I love it. I love it. I love it. So what would you say is the greatest change that you see in you now or in your relationships?

Andrea L:                                The greatest change would just be complete awareness and an acceptance and the renewed drive to keep fighting and battling my way through life with God’s help. And in my relationship, I mean he’s also working on my husband right now and so he’s present in my life than ever before and he’s definitely more of a focal point in our marriage than ever before.

Chris LoCurto:                      How does not seeking worth or control or at least not as much, we don’t ever get perfect on this and it’s a lifelong process…. But how does not seeking worth or control from people affect your marriage?

Andrea L:                                The marriage is a little different – it affects, I think, more my husband because he was very much in control simply because of what he was going through, but I also was stuck where I felt like I had to find worth from myself in my marriage because I wasn’t getting it from my husband, which it’s not appropriate either. But now that I have my worth from God, I feel like I’m just more…I’m just more open in the relationship. I’m not withdrawn and I’m not trying to find worth from someone else who is just as damaged as I am.

Chris LoCurto:                      So are you saying, if I hear this correctly…folks I hope you get this….You’re more open you’re not as withdrawn. Does that mean that your relationship, your marriage is getting better, you’re loving him better, loving you better?

Andrea L:                                Yes. It’s definitely gotten a lot stronger and we thought it was great to begin with, but wow, the change in the last month, even better.

Chris LoCurto:                      What is that like for your parenting? What is that like for your kids that your oldest one is four, so really, I mean they’re not noticing a ton, but they’re promising probably noticing something. What is that like for your parenting?

Andrea L:                                Well, she definitely notices that we’re more unified. Um, we also had a tough lesson on choices and consequences. And so she’s definitely starting to learn that, um, if she keeps making bad choices that there will be consequences and we’re no longer allowing our four year old and our one year old to control us. We are, it’s quite. I say it again, it’s freeing. We don’t feel like we’re gonna lose it if she doesn’t listen to us, we can remain calm. We give her the choices and if she doesn’t make the right ones, then that’s how she’s going to learn.

Chris LoCurto:                      Doesn’t it feel great not to feel like you have to be the bad person?

Andrea L:                                Yes.

Chris LoCurto:                      Because that’s what we do, right?

Andrea L:                                Right. Because we’re not really being bad people, we’re teaching them and that’s how they grow and I want our daughters to be able to grow with God and I want them to be able to see that as evidence in our family.

Chris LoCurto:                      It’s so interesting. I was at an event, I went back home and there’s this event called Truckee Thursdays back in Tahoe where I live, where they shut down the whole main street in my little town and all these vendors come out and all this stuff’s going on and I was there and we have become a society where parents feel like to correct, to give consequences, that they have to be the bad person, that they have to get mad at the child for not doing something. Listen folks, you’re teaching, you’re training your children how to take advantage of you because you allow it because you feel like you have to be the friend or the great parents and all that and none of that has to be. You also don’t have to be the total jerk if you give choices and consequences, which we teach a bunch of that in Next-Level Life and we also teach it in StratPlan as well. Then what happens is is you allow them to create a decision making process. But I’m at this event and they’ve got all these food trucks and stuff and, and these two parents. I so wanted to speak in and say, Hey, can I help you with this? And of course you can’t. I mean, it’s just not. Nobody wants that stuff while you’re at a event downtown. But these two boys were fighting over a little scooter and as the dad’s trying to tell them to give it up, you can tell that there’s no consequences that comes with these actions. And so instead they’re not listening to dad. And interestingly, as dad’s trying to tell them and they’re not responding because there are no consequences that come with their actions. Mom starts going, you want some water? You want. So how about some water? You want some water, water? Do you want, hey guys, do you want water guys? Guys, how about some water? And it’s this attempt to distract with water. And that was the parenting skills that they had. Those two boys are going to grow up and they are going to look to everybody to take care of them. They’re going to be entitled, they’re going to look to their professors to the people that they date, to their leaders, their bosses for everybody to, you know, take care of them and let them get their way and it is going to be a problem. It’s going to be disastrous for them, because they’re going to realize that life isn’t this way. Your parents may have let you get away with a lot of stuff that other people aren’t going to and it’s going to create problems. Do you look at, now that you’re implementing stuff, and again, this is how we’re trained to be parents, right? We don’t give the choices and consequences. Now that you’re putting this in place, what do you see for your kids’ futures?

Andrea L:                                I just see that they’re going to have fuller, healthier futures, simply because they’re gonna know boundaries, they’re going to know limits and while we teach them that it’s okay to dream and it’s okay to dream big. They’re also going to know that they can’t do it on their own. They’re gonna know that God is there with them and that as long as they keep him first, you know they’re going to have the futures that God has laid out for them.

Chris LoCurto:                      I love it. I love that you choosing to come through this event…So let’s just look at this. You come to this event struggling with having to be in control of you struggling with fear of failure, struggling with how people see you, not being your authentic self, not even knowing really what that even looks like. Battling with a ton of lies where you beat the crap out of yourself on a daily basis. You come through, you decide to come to this event with all of that going on, all of that. We get solutions and tools to deal with. Your husband gets saved. Now your kids are getting their lives changed as well. You choosing to do this, your whole family is being impacted on a great level and for the rest of their future, would you. Does that sound about accurate?

Andrea L:                                Oh yeah. And it goes much, even much bigger than that even with, getting into the root system, I was able to have longer conversations with both of my parents and we really dove into why they are the way they are. And um, there was a lot of forgiveness and um, it was just amazing the relationship I have now, even just with my parents, just from understanding the roots and knowing where they came from now and it just feels like the conversations with them are so much better, there’s a deeper understanding and even my parents are just amazed at the change they see in me and my husband and our family. So it goes even beyond, um, what just happened with my husband and myself and our kids. I see it kind of stretching out from there.

Chris LoCurto:                      And I got the great opportunity to meet your dad, and I loved watching that happen. So it’s not just the change in going from you as parents down to your kids, but it’s a change in going from you back to your parents and changing the rest of your relationship with them. That’s so powerful. I love it. I love it. And the thing is, a lot of folks don’t get that opportunity. So you had the chance to sit down and discuss this stuff with your parents. And I’m assuming these are assumptions because we haven’t actually talked about this, but I’m assuming there’s less protecting, there’s less defending. What are you seeing different now in that relationship or in those relationships?

Andrea L:                                The amount of trust has grown tremendously. There’s a deeper respect and understanding, not just from me for my parents and what they’ve gone through, but from them directed at me as well.

Chris LoCurto:                      We’ve gotten a lot of phenomenal information from you and I really appreciate you doing this because there’s so many folks on the fence right now that need to hear what this is like and how much it can impact their lives and how worth it it is to take the time to do this. How do you see life differently? Day to day even… looking at life now, how do you see it differently?

Andrea L:                                The biggest thing is I don’t get up in the morning and go, “Oh boy, here’s everything I got to do today.” You know, just starting out the day with the weight on the shoulders. Um, now the first thing I do, I, I wake up and I go right into prayer and say God, no matter what you have in sore for me today, I’m going to remember that you’re here with I see and we’re going to make this a great day. And just being able to start off each day has changed everything. Because I’m now positive, more positive with my kids in the morning. I’m more positive with my husband. I come into work with a huge smile on my face just ready to get started for the day and it’s just, it’s amazing because there were days where I come in here, I’d have the weight on my shoulders, my team would come up to me and go, okay, and I’d be like, please give me a half hour. I need to focus, you know, now I feel like I’m ready right when I come in the door to say, okay, here’s what we’re doing, let’s kill it today.

Chris LoCurto:                      That is so cool. I love it. I love hearing that and I think there’s so many people right now that are listening to that going…It’s one thing for us to talk about it because you’re skeptical. Maybe, maybe not, but when you hear somebody saying, this is how life is now, I go to work with a smile on my face. I’m. I love what you just said. I’m more positive with my kids in the morning. So in essence I’m not having to control Andrea to control other people’s thoughts of Andrea so I get to be authentic Andrea, does that sound accurate?

Andrea L:                                Yes

Chris LoCurto:                      I love it. So what would you say? So there’s a ton of people listening right now that have not come through Next-Level Life. They’re sitting on the fence. They’re afraid to take the big step to change their lives. What would you say to them about coming through Next-Level Life?

Andrea L:                                Don’t let fear hold you back from getting rid of the unhealthy fear in your life? Just let it go. It’s amazing how much different you’ll feel afterwards. It’s so freeing.

Chris LoCurto:                      For those that are thinking, we didn’t even talk much on the StratPlan side, but for those that are thinking about that, what would you tell them?

Andrea L:                                It was definitely life changing for sure. Just being able to be there as a leadership team and working through everything together made all the difference in the world and it wasn’t just the conversations. We had in StratPlan, we would go back to the hotel and we would have pow wows for an hour or two or more. The conversations that came out of it, the um, the quality conversations that came out of it, we were able to communicate so much better as a team afterwards and we still are and it’s amazing the amount of things we can get done now versus before.

Chris LoCurto:                      What was the difference of you guys walkign in the dorr and you guys leaving at the end of the week?

Andrea L:                                When we walked in the door we were silos, when we walked out of the door, we were a unified team.

Chris LoCurto:                      Much better communication, tons of communication issues on the front side, solidly communicating by the end of the week. Good stuff. Alright, one last question. If you could go back to a young Andrea, if you could go back to a younger version of you, what would you tell her, about anything?

Andrea L:                                I would just remind her that don’t try and seek worth people. You have God by your side. Look towards him for your worth because anything else is just a temporary bandaid and bandaids are just that temporary and they’re only going to get you so far.

Chris LoCurto:                      Andrea, thank you so much for doing this. I really appreciate it.

Andrea L:                                Thank you, Chris.

Chris LoCurto:                      My pleasure. My pleasure, and hopefully we will get to see you guys soon. Thank you for doing this. Folks, I hope you realize the power of this discussion and the things that have happened. Not only, look at all of this stuff, not only Andrea’s life, not only being free. I love how many times people say, what’s the biggest thing that you see differently now? It’s like, I feel freed up. I feel free. I feel happy. I feel that I don’t have to have control, but how much? Not only how much it’s impacted her individual life. Well, look how much it’s impacted generations both up and down: her kids, her marriage, her husband’s future, her parents, all of that’s within the last month. That’s not including what this is going to be like as she continues to walk this out. So you need to come to Next-Level Life. There’s not a person on this planet. If you’re the person who’s saying to yourself, well, I don’t need that.

Chris LoCurto:                      Trust me, you do, so get your butt in here. Let us help you to find freedom. Again, even if you’re not somebody who struggles with the same things that Andrea has struggled with, everybody coming through, every single person… we’ve done over 250 of these events. Not one person doesn’t have surface level responses that are controlling their decision-making. Not one person doesn’t lie to themselves. Not one person doesn’t need to hear more information about their root system, about the truths. Everybody needs that information. So to just take the next step. That does not mean that you’re signing up for the event. Get the information because what we can do is give you the information that would help you to see how much this is going to impact you in your life. So just take the next step. That’s all you gotta do. Do not sit there thinking to yourself, oh, I’ll get to that someday. Do not sit there being afraid of what you’re going to discover, which by the way, the biggest fear that everybody has coming in, every single person is the fear of the unknown. Did you have that coming in, Andrea?

Andrea L:                                Yes I did.

Chris LoCurto:                      And did you discover anything that that was worth having that fear beforehand?

Andrea L:                                Nope.

Chris LoCurto:                      So folks get after it., and we will help you to find freedom in your life as well. Once again, we hope that this has helped you.

Chris LoCurto:                      As always, take this information, change your leadership, change your business, change your life, your spouse, your kids, your parents, and join us on the next episode.




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