268 | Unconventional Ways To Inspire Your Team This Week

On this episode of The Chris LoCurto Show, we’re talking about ways to inspire your team!

How do you inspire your team on a weekly basis?

You have to have an inspired team.

If your team is not inspired they are not productive. What do you get when you have an inspired team?

What happens when you spend time focusing on inspiring your team? You get more than productivity….

Here are 5 unconventional ways to inspire your team and get buy-in:

1) Step away from your desk–get up and get out! We all need to have a little fun sometimes, so get out and DO SOMETHING with your team!
It can be anything, as long as your whole team can participate (if they want)… it’s more about your attitude while you’re doing the activity.

2) Take opportunities to inject culture into your business every week. Teaching on the culture you want to create, core values, and lessons during staff meetings is great! Force your culture to happen… don’t let culture be forced on you.

3) Leadership layer. Focus heavily on your leadership team… duplicate yourself as a leader.
When you lead your leaders the right way, your team members are inspired by a consistent, united leadership team!

4) One-on-one meetings. “It’s not you… it’s me.” Every 2 months, have a meeting with each team member, and encourage them to give YOU feedback on YOUR performance. It shows how intentional you are about leading them!

5) Teachable moment. Never pass these up!
There are so many opportunities for teachable moments… use it to your team’s benefit! If you’re not making them successful… who is?

Listen here:

Commit to inspiring and influencing your team using at least one of the examples above (you will see results), and let us know what happens! Email us here with your success stories!


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