Unifying Your Team

It’s day one of Next-Level Mastermind Retreat!

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Leaders and entrepreneurs from around the country flew into Nashville, TN…

And not just for the coffee.

These leaders came to learn how to unify their team around a common mission, develop and cast a powerful vision, learn in-depth small business accounting, set goals and initiatives, Kill the Leadership Crazy Cycle, and spend a day a half building community with like-minded leaders.


Here’s the overview of what we learned on Day One:

Unify Your Team Around A Common Mission

“How are you uniting your team?”

Mission definition – a formal summary of the aims and values of a company, organization, or individual.

This is the first lesson we hit at #NLMRetreat. And it’s vital to your company’s and team’s productivity and purpose.

A Mission Statement should state the Purpose of an organization or individual to exist…

Everybody, no matter who they are, desire to feel fulfilled by what they do for a living.

A proper Mission Statement serves as a guide in decision-making…and this doesn’t just apply to business.

Personal Mission Statements

Like a business Mission Statement, a personal Mission Statement is foundational in your personal decision-making process.

Personal Mission Statements bring focus to the most important areas of your life.

Next in the line-up…

Develop And Cast A Powerful Vision

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“Done well, your Vision Statement should describe a destination that is irresistible to your team.”

A Vision Statement gives direction to leadership, which should help them to stay away from task saturation.

Task saturation is one of the fastest ways to leadership destruction.

It leads to people drama and conflict that’s exhausting, and team members not being productive as they should be.

Operating from your Vision statement will help you stay out of task saturation as a leader.

There are three key pieces Chris covered on casting powerful vision that sticks:

1. Capacity of Resources

Before you set your Vision, make sure you’re able to accomplish it. You must ask the right questions first.

2. Achievements

Ask yourself what you are trying to achieve in every aspect of the business. I.e. “What problems do we want to solve for our clients?”

3. Editing

The editing process should take longer than a day. You must run the Vision by your team, leadership, and trusted advisors at minimum. Follow an intentional editing process.

After Chris’ Vision-Casting lesson, we rolled up the doors…to a Califarmia lunch!

What else happened on Day One? Let’s see…

In-Depth Small Business Accounting

Accounting is one of the most important areas of a business, and an area so many entrepreneurs fail to focus.

What we covered at this retreat was far too detailed and in-depth to add into a 5-minute-read blog post.

Cash Basis accounting vs. Accrual, P&Ls, sub P&Ls, COGS, Gross Profit and Net profit and what they really tell you about your business, Job Costing, A/P, A/R, Budgeting, Reconciling, RE…the list goes on…

After crunching the numbers, the winner was…

Three members from G2G, 4ward to win, Team 27:17, and Next-Level Ninjas (our Mastermind groups) were selected for the Shepherd’s award.

The day wouldn’t be complete without…

A plate of chicken nachos, lamb satay with vegetables, and lump crab cake with papaya avocado slaw from The Rolling Feast.

On tomorrow’s agenda? You’ll just have to follow on Facebook and Twitter to see what’s in store. (Hint: at our Evening Social there will be a tournament, a trophy, and a winner).

Want to learn more?

These lessons, and this mastermind retreat is a way we powerfully impact our client’s lives and businesses in ways that allow our clients to accomplish their respective missions.

Want to be a part? Sign up for a coaching session, and we’ll find out if it’s a good fit. If not, we’ll coach you for an hour on how to help you accomplish your business’ mission.



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