62 | Unleash the Power of Hustle with Steve Sims

Unleash the Power of Hustle with Steve Sims


Ever wanted to get blessed by the Pope?
Maybe have a private concert with your favorite artist?
Ok…Ok…I get it, perhaps a private dinner at the foot of Michelangelo’s David while being serenaded by Andre Bocelli is more your thing.
(Here’s the pic)

Well today’s guest, Steve Sims, creates those kind of experiences for his clients. You will absolutely LOVE this episode!
It’s all about hustle and dreams.

Steve is truly the “Most Interesting Man in the World”.
He is the Founder & CEO of The Bluefish which provides “the highest level of personalized travel, transportation and entertainment-related services to corporate executives, celebrities, professional athletes and other discerning individuals interested in living life to its fullest.”

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In this episode you will learn:

  • Why no one wants what they bought
  • The Entrepreneurial Two-Step
  • If it all comes down to passion
  • Why you have to stay true to yourself
  • Why you need to “Go Ugly” with your marketing
  • Steve’s awesome way of staying in touch with his network
  • How to make your clients smile…and call you!
  • The Hustle Keeps You Alive
  • Passion needs to be your drug of choice.
  • BE PASSIONATE – If you’re not passionate about it…why would anyone else be?


How to connect with Steve:


How to be more interesting this weekend – http://tasteofblue.com

Do good while doing something awesome – http://www.bluecause.com/why-bluecause


Question: What is your dream experience? Be specific!




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12 thoughts on “62 | Unleash the Power of Hustle with Steve Sims”

  1. Absolutely Incredible! I love hearing someone talk about what they created with such gusto! I listen to your podcast in the morning because it always gives me that extra push of positivity. Thank you, Chris!

  2. I listened to the episode and checked out Steve’s site and videos. How fun would it be to have THAT job?!
    It took me a couple of days to think of my dream experience. If time and money were not an obstacle, I would rent a private villa in Maui for a one-month trip with my family. I would have a professional organizer and a decorator change up some things in our house while we are away. And, while in Hawaii, I would hire a personal trainer to get back in shape and a personal chef for amazing healthy meals. Finally, I would have a 1:1 work with a voice coach, a storytelling coach, and a public speaking business coach. As much as I’d love a once-in-a-lifetime dinner experience with Andrea Boccelli singing, I think I’d want something that I can take home with me and make it the gift that keeps on giving. Thanks for an amazing episode, Chris and @disqus_9m7HI0IRlu:disqus!!!

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