103 | What Brian Williams Can Teach You About Leadership


Today we are diving into the Brian Williams’… situation.

Joel jumps in on this episode and walks us through some valuable PR lessons and I talk about the leadership (or lack thereof) of NBC and how best to handle a crisis in your business.

And be sure to download the “Rebuilding Your Trust” checklist that I mentioned on the podcast.
When you’re in crisis mode you have to act fast and be intentional. This checklist will help you do both!

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1 thought on “103 | What Brian Williams Can Teach You About Leadership”

  1. Timely podcast. Lenovo (huge pc manufacturer) is having a large PR issue because they started shipping invasive malware as part of their new laptops. Talk about killing trust.

    Today they tweeted “We’re sorry. We messed up. We’re owning it. And we’re making sure it never happens again.” Good response but my gut reaction is that given how egregious the misstep is I am not sure how much I believe the statement.

    Would love a podcast on how a company can get to the point where something so obviously misguided as what Lenovo did gets signed off on and implemented. There had to be somebody in leadership who knew it would result in a PR firestorm but didn’t say anything to stop it.

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