What Is That?!

Right around the fourth of July in 2003 I took my wife to Northern California to experience some of the beauty it has to offer. She had only been to the L.A. area and hadn’t had the chance to travel outside the city. And she’d only been to the beach in Florida. So I set up a trip that began in Half Moon Bay. In case you’re wondering, that’s exactly what it is. It’s a bay shaped like a perfect half-moon, located a little south of San Francisco. I was pretty excited to get her out there so she could see a little of where I’m from.

I told her how nice the bay was and that I booked a room right on the beach. It was a three-story hotel, and our suite was on the top floor looking out over the ocean. It was a great room! It started with a fantastic king bed, then dropped a step into a sitting room with floor-to-ceiling glass that covered the width of the room. Glass doors opened onto a balcony overlooking the bay. It was the view of all views. .

We left late from Nashville due to work, so when our flight landed, it was pretty late. We were pretty tired, so it was a difficult drive in the dark. Well, for me at least—somebody slept on the way to the hotel. 🙂 When we pulled up to the hotel you could hear the gently rolling waves as they fell onto the shore.  Debbie commented on how she couldn’t wait to be on the beach. The hotel was perfect.

The morning came, and I woke up at the crack of dawn—that’s just how I am. I let Debbie sleep while I did some work. A little while later, she awoke like Snow White in the forest. There were doves cooing, squirrels…squirreling, and I’m pretty sure I saw deer in there as well. She threw back the covers, put her arms out to the sides and sat up using nothing but her core muscles. She then slipped out of bed and began to dance her way right to the windows where the curtains were still drawn. She only slowed down long enough to touch the very tip of my chin with her fingertips and say, “Good morning dear sir!” She glided toward the curtains that hid the one thing that would make her vacation complete—a blazing sun on a white sandy beach. She grabbed the curtains with both hands and threw them open with the strength of a body builder.

OHHHHHHH! Cliff hanger! You have to come back tomorrow to find out what happened.

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