What I’ve Learned After A Year Of Blogging

Thanks to Joel Fortner, one of my top commenters, for reminding me that it’s been a year since I started blogging. In fact, it all started with Cologne – pleasure or pain?

I had been wondering for a long time if I could be a writer. So after a lunch with an acquaintance, I decided to write about something that was bothering me. The truth? It was rough, but it got me excited about writing. I could potentially help others grow. Amazingly, I’ve learned a lot in a year’s time. Such as:

  • Writing’s tough – I think I knew that writing was going to be difficult, but I didn’t realize just how hard it could be. What makes it so challenging is my desire to change someone’s life with words. I think if I was just writing for me, it would be considerably easier.
  • I’m not perfect – I believe that most people attempting to write a blog spend way too much time trying to make their first post perfect. You just need to get it out there. When you post for the first time, it’s only going to the people you send it to. You’re not going to have a thousand readers, so get it out there for people to critique. Trust me, as your writing gets better, they will begin to send it out to their circles.
  • Get committed – You have to make a decision on how often you are going to post, and then stick to that schedule. Readers want to know what they can expect from you in content and consistency.
  • Be practical – When people tell me personally about my blog, they always say that they feel like they are in a conversation with me. The information is down to earth and applicable, not theory.
  • Tell it like it is – Life is stories, and I enjoy sharing them. I believe that narratives paint a better picture of what you are trying to explain. It is another element that I have received a lot of feedback on as being a great part of my blogging.
  • There is another (said in a Yoda voice)Michael Hyatt is an absolute genius! If you follow only one person as a blogger, make sure it’s Mike. Not only does he have an incredible wealth of knowledge that he shares daily, but he also has a ton of experience on how to be a blogger. I would say that I’ve stolen so much from him, but it’s not true—he freely gives it away.
  • Get some peeps – My biggest joy of writing is how people have responded. The commenters on my blog are outrageous!! Not only do you guys leave great comments, but you also leave information that helps other people. I am excited every day that I get to see the wisdom of my followers in comments to something that I’ve said.

Among all of this, the biggest thing I’ve learned is: I’m just getting started! After a year of writing, I love it more each day.

Question: What have you found to be a passion that you never knew existed?



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Chris has a heart for changing lives by helping people discover the life and business they really want.

Decades of personal and leadership development experience, as well as running multi-million dollar businesses, has made him an expert in life and business coaching. personality types, and communication styles.

Growing up in a small logging town near Lake Tahoe, California, Chris learned a strong work ethic at home from his full-time working mom. He began his leadership and training career in the corporate world, starting but at E'TRADE.

38 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned After A Year Of Blogging”

  1. Hi Chris,
    I found your blog via Michael Hyatt’s blog. I am so happy he shared because I look forward to reading your posts when they pop up in my Reeder app. Your writings continue to be inspirational to me. Thank you! I am also super stoked about the entreleadership podcast! It is the best business/leadership podcast I have heard. I keep telling everyone about it. Keep up the great work!

  2. I’ve learned a lot from reading Michael Hyatt too. Such a generous spirit to help others.

    Point 5: Tell a story. This has been a difficult part of my blogging journey. I tend to fall into spouting theory, but people respond more when I tell a story. So thanks for yet another reminder to keep it personal.

    Point 7: Get peeps. Yes. I’ve been amazed at how much value is added in the comments. Sometimes I’d like to rewrite my post just using the comments instead of my original words. I’ve learned to appreciate and be inspired by the consistency of some of my readers, many of whom I now consider my friends.

    Thanks, Chris! Keep up the great work.

  3. Your blog is one of my favorites, Chris! Thank you for your consistency, honesty, generosity, wisdom, interaction, personal responses, and for not hating me when I correct your spelling. Your blog has it all!

  4. Chris,

    So far I’m not a writer, so this particular post might be of help in the future.
    However, I read your fresh posts with my coffee early in the morning [they usually appear on Twitter at around 6am EST…], which helps me starting my day in a positive manner. Additionally, I use your posts, old and new, to promote changes in my workplace. For example, you recently linked to your “Say Something Please” post exactly when I needed to boost an internal conversation about this very topic. I simply printed that post, and handed over a copy to each top-management member at the beginning of a top-management meeting. It changed the entire conversation to the good.

    As Mike wrote above, please keep doing it!

    Thanks a ton. God bless you!

  5. i love michael hyatt’s blog also, he’s got great tips.

    re: blogging, i know exactly how you feel, ive been blogging in some form or another for at least 5 years, and now im currently involved actively in 4 different blogs (3 group blogs, and 1 personal), so its definitely a passion (especially for a guy whose college degree was in computer science 🙂 )

  6. I definitely like this post. I am just starting to blog and I keep trying to come up with catchy things to write about and waiting for the next great idea before I sit down and write. Sometimes, I just need to tell it like it is and write down something practical. Thank you so much for the encouragement.

  7. Hope it’s not too late to join the party, and say congratulations on hitting the one year mark. I still remember getting so excited about my 30th birthday, until my manager (He was a good friend, so i took everything with a grain of salt), came over to me, and said. “Girl, hope you’ve had a great life, its downhill all the way from here!” Luckily enough for you and for all of us, this is the complete opposite, since as you explain from this post, you’ve learned so much, and i believe it will only get better. Keep up the good work!.

    As far as passions go, i always knew i wanted to write poetry, and i wrote beautiful pieces:), but over the past two years, after getting involved with FPU, i’ve found myself gravitating more towards writing about money and children, hence my blog http://www.ginasmom.com. The major driving force being the fact that i’m now the mother of two, and i want everybody that has kids to do right by them. The first time somebody reffered to me as Gina’s mom, i knew my life had changed forever, and subconsciouly i knew dormant passions and talents had to be awakened or developed to fit the new permanent role.

    Overall i love the journey and finding your blog has been one of the huge side benefits of this whole blogging things. Believe it or not, your posts have inspired some of what i’m doing on my blog! Looking foward to more posts.

  8. Chris! Congratulations! That is really an accomplishment. I appreciate the honesty in all your posts, especially this one. I started a family blog (a long time ago) and it still sits. You’ve done an amazing job of choosing which articles to write and how often! Thank you for all your efforts in teaching us to be better leaders! I’m sure we have all learned so much, I know for sure I have! Looking forward to another year with you!

  9. I follow you and Mike on twitter. Opposed to David, I found Mike via the Dave Ramsey team. I also enjoy listening to the EL podcast.

    Keep up the great work!

  10. I love your blog Chris! I love how you don’t have an “air” about you, you are practical, you encourage response and you make me wanna support you more!!! You are a peach in my life and your blog posts coming to my inbox everyday are a blessing…even if I can’t get to read them every day like I like…I do catch up at some point. 🙂 Please keep posting…You are one of my 10 favorite blogs to follow!

  11. Well, I am very glad you started blogging, Chris! I love what you have to say – it is always “in season”. You have helped me with my own blog – to be my “authentic self” – and not try to be Chris LoCurto – or Michaey Hyatt- even though that would be awesome …..that’s not what I am to do. Thanks for all you do – I appreciate your wisdom greatly!

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