What Jesus Didn’t Say

Easter is a time when we celebrate the fact that we have a risen savior. One who took on the world’s sin, received the world’s worst beating, died and rose again, all so we could have life everlasting if we so choose.

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I’m not telling you anything that you don’t know, but sometimes the reminder causes us to reflect on how jacked up we are, while giving us just a glimpse of the unfathomable Love of God.

And while we have so many stories of God’s Love throughout the Bible, there’s one that helps us to understand that sometimes, God doesn’t tell us everything.

After Jesus rose from the grave, there was a time that He was with the disciples when He gave them this instruction (in CLo speak), I want you guys to hang out in Jerusalem and I’ll send a guy who’s going to tell you some things. (all things)

When they encounter the Holy Spirit, it was some kind of party. So here’s my question: Why didn’t Jesus just tell them all the things the Holy Spirit would later tell them?

Let’s be honest here, Jesus is all God, right? Which means He already knows what the Holy Spirit is going to teach them, so why didn’t He just go ahead and teach them?

Well, I believe it’s because they weren’t ready to hear it. I don’t think they could digest at the time what they were about to learn.

In fact, I believe that had Jesus shared the info, that some of them might not have stuck around.
So why didn’t the Holy Spirit come that day? Again, I think it’s because the disciples themselves weren’t ready. But what do I know?

I think there are many times in our lives that we are frustrated because we just don’t have the answers. We know there’s vital information that can help/grow/bless us, but for some reason, God isn’t revealing it to us.

I know there are MANY times in my own life that I’ve felt this exact way. Only to later learn that I wasn’t ready for God to drop His Wisdom on me.

I did learn this though, be diligent in the pause. When I don’t feel like I have the answers I need, then I have to keep moving forward until I do. I have to trust that God is going to reveal His direction to me in His time, not necessarily my time.

This is incredibly tough to do! We are human, and we really want to know the answers now. That’s when I have to think, if He tells me now, perhaps I won’t stick around to receive the Blessing. Instead, I might run like scared little…disciple.

Question: Can you share a time that you had to wait for God’s direction?



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41 thoughts on “What Jesus Didn’t Say”

  1. Rebecca Henderson

    I pray a prayer that a friend shared w/ me. “Lord, please make the direction You want me to take abundantly clear to me, so there is no doubt in my mind.”

  2. Apropos. (Does anybody say that anymore?) Great reminder(s), Chris. Thank you. We’re being diligent in the pause right now. Few minor details that have yet to be resolved : Selling two houses, a business, moving 6 hours away, and starting new careers. We’re nearing the end of the pause… it’s been a new experience. (By the way, I new a guy that had a good thing & went after a better thing. He was a huge encouragement / inspiration for us in this. Think his name was Chris “something or other.”)

    1. Hahaha…I’ve heard of that guy. I think he’s loving the decision. 😀 I’m proud of you brother! I know how difficult this has been for you. And your use of apropos was very germane.

  3. I’ve often tried to feel the anticipation and excitement of the disciples. They had just seen their friend, savior, master, teacher perform countless miracles. Only to be crucified. Then raised from the dead to say, “Wait.” What?

    I love the imagery of God’s story in these moments where he simply says, “Just trust me. Remember, love is patient.”

  4. Great post Chris. This was a hard lesson for me to learn too. And I’m still learning! My recent life changes were a huge lesson in waiting for God to say “Go Now”. I spent about 2 years trying to do it myself. But, as we learn in Philipians 3 you can’t put your trust and faith in the flesh. It’s amazing how when I finally gave up and turned it over to God completely it was a matter of weeks. He started putting everything together almost immediately. Myself and my family have already been so blessed.

  5. So timely. Thanks. It is so hard to wait when you know God has given you something to do. We have to trust in His time and His way, and just take the step he tells us at that time. One step at a time.

  6. Chris! What a fantastic blog post! Psalm 46:10 is what I live by. In this fast paced world we often can forget to “Be still..” when my company promoted me and moved me from Las Vegas to Atlanta (away from everything I knew) it was extremely hard. It was during that time I had to take pause and pray and wait for His direction for me.

  7. Great post Chris. Right now I am waiting on God’s direction. I have successful restaurants, my blog is starting to make money, and I got offered a pastoral position at my church. Not sure yet which path God wants for me.
    For now I will do all three which is very stretching.

  8. Excellent reflections and thoughts! Enjoyed the reminder to keep pursuing God even when we don’t feel the answers are coming and continue the deep dark work of planting the seeds of faith and growing in the journey where we are now. Many times if we just stop and listen to his still small voice we get little answers even if they aren’t the big ones we are wanting! Loved this post friend.

    1. Pursuit is a great word. God is always pursuing us even when the pursuit is silent. For my life, His silent pursuit was were massive refining was taking place so I’m in a better place to do the work He wants me to do.

  9. There is actually comfort in knowing that God DOES know all the answers, and that I never will. As St. Teresa of Calcutta said, “We’re not called to be successful; we’re called to be faithful.” And if we are faithful, our success (whether measured in worldly terms or not) is guaranteed. Thanks, Chris!

  10. I’ve “heard” all these truths over and over. I’ve been sitting in church for 41 years hearing this. I’ve read countless books, been to Bible studies, ministered to people. And yet, on 4-14-14, I “got it” for the first time in my life. I still don’t know the direction, but I have the feeling that i just bought a ticket for a ride on the high-speed bullet train.

  11. Chris,
    Great point. In addition to that, God also waited for Pentecost so that his impact would serve a grander purpose. Perhaps God is also putting the
    pieces together so that our impact will service his purpose of bringing a blessing to someone else. Three thousand were baptized that day.

  12. Share a time? How about 2? I call them my “rear view mirror” moments. They didn’t make sense in the windshield … only in the rearview mirror. Here’s the short version of each:

    1) Back in 1991 I was fresh out of college and signed a contract to teach K-12 music. It was a horrible year. I was a single guy in a small town feeling very along, and the teaching thing just wasn’t working. I couldn’t figure out why God was allowing me to go through that, but years later it became clear that I HAD to go through that experience or I would have never gained the “discomfort” needed to move to a better place (“better place” = both physical town and career path).

    2) A few years ago I started to feel the nudge to explore other career opportunities. I looked elsewhere a couple of times, but nothing felt right. I had no idea that God was just telling me to wait, because he was preparing me to purchase the company I was working at. It all makes perfect sense looking back … in the rearview mirror!

    1. Wow! Thank you for showing us that the rear view mirror actually does exist! I think for so many, they hate the idea of looking back because they struggle to see the Blessings. Great stuff Dave!

  13. I feel that that during these times, times of uncertainty, we can find God’s will for us in his Word. We can hear from God any time just by doing that simple act.

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