30 | What You Have In Common With Wine

In this episode of The Chris LoCurto Show, we’re talking part viticulture and part life lesson. I think you’re going to enjoy it… especially if you like wine!

Some of what we cover in this episode:

  • How wine grapes are grown, and how this relates to you and your business
  • What makes a great farmer, and how that farmer harvests a perfect grape
  • The process of destroying perfect grapes to make great wine
  • How farming and the process of wine making relates to you and your business

Every great business has seasons and there is a cycle or a process to growth.

There are times to take advantage of the sun, the shade, creating boundaries and making sure things are set up correctly to grow.

My own businesses have had moments of destruction to create something new, next thing you know, we grow. For me, I see that as God preparing us.

Just like the wine, there are seasons of aging in a barrel, mellowing out and giving us extra flavor.

We can’t discount the destructive times. In those times, we’re becoming more intense.

If we don’t look back with our teams, and celebrate what we’ve come through or what we’ve done, we don’t understand that it’s a season we’ve grown out of.

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4 thoughts on “30 | What You Have In Common With Wine”

  1. Chris….this podcast was TOP NOTCH! I will be listening to it again. And yes, OUT OF EVERY ADVERSITY COMES THE SEED OF AN EQUAL OR GREATER OPPORTUNITY….this, my friend, has been my life in a nutshell. God has used the grapes, crushed as they are, to distill me into a much better person. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I haven’t even gotten to LifePlan yet and I am in the crushing stage. It HURTS! It reminds me of the healing process of burn victims I learned about many years ago. Nurses have to scrape the scar tissue from the surface so the new tissue can breathe and heal. I can’t imagine anything more painful. Pain gives way to new life.

    Can’t wait to complete the picture with LifePlan and get on the way to a better me. Thanks, Chris for being in the business of changing lives.

  3. I have a friend who grows grapes for wine, so this analogy really spoke to me!. There are pieces of my personal life that are, as Lily said, in the crushing stage. Not fun. There are parts of my life that are fermenting…potentially explosive and smelly. There is one special part that is savoring the fruits of the labor (my upcoming 30th wedding anniversary). Thanks for helping me to see each of these in terms of the process…toward our eternal home!

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