256 | What You Need To Know About Transforming Your Life in 2018

92% of New Year’s resolutions fail…

Folks, It’s everywhere. In your Facebook feed, in your email, on the radio, in conversations with people at work and friends…New Year’s Resolutions.

67% of Americans make a New Year’s Resolution, and 92% of them fail. 

On today’s show, we talk about:
  • Why 92% of New Year’s Resolutions fail
  • The process to get to real change that lasts
  • Why you should work harder on yourself than your job
  • How to spot real change vs. superficial change
  • The root of real change

Listen here:

Choose 2018 will be different.

Choose to make it more than another failed New Year’s Resolution. Make it a year you focus on real results, getting you healthy, and discovering the God-given gifts in your life – that He already has for you. Take the next step here: chrislocurto.com/nextlevellife

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