260 | What Your Leadership Should Be, And What It Should NOT Be

Do you work for a bad leader?

Are you a bad leader?

Bad leaders get half the effort of their team.

This is such an important topic right now. There is criticism flying around, different definitions, and people take to all kinds of social media to talk about their leadership complaints.

Government shutdowns add even more fuel to the fire of questioning leadership…

There are many misconceptions about what it means to be a leader. On the podcast we’re talking about what leadership is NOT and what it is.

Are you acting on the 5 poor leadership beliefs? – OR – Are you aligned with the 11 principles of phenomenal leadership?

Listen here:

The goal of a team is to allow a business to do more than they could with just one person.

It’s worth repeating: bad leaders get half the effort of their team.

Great leaders only need HALF of the team that bad leaders need.

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