What’s Your Favorite Part?

I need your opinion. We are going to do a “Best Of” show taking segments of the EntreLeadership Podcast Extended Interviews that I do for you guys, the ChrisLoCurto.com readers.

So I want to know what your favorite parts have been so far. Below is a list of episodes that we’ve done so far. Please let me know anything that you thought was powerful, funny, tear jerking, etc. Whatever you think listeners need to hear.

Thank you for helping to make everyone of these interviews great!

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17 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Part?”

  1. Like Joshua, I’d have to relisten to each of those! I do remember that I took notes from Jon Acuff – he had some powerful thoughts, serious helpful info that surprised me because I expected him to be a jokester. Peter Bregman impressed me so much that I now follow his blog. And Robin Robins’s story of a hard life and learning from her jobs really touched me.

    Might want to fix “You’re” to “Your Questions. . .”

  2. Could you make the Extended Interviews a podcast that we can subscribe to as well?

    I would love to listen to them on the go, but I keep forgetting to Save them locally and add them to my iPod. If I could subscribe, it would do this each time I sync my iPod, which is at least weekly.

    1. I stumbled upon this already on iTunes, just try a search for “Chris Locurto’s Blog”. I listen to these and the EntreLeadership podcasts over and over again on my commute. Every time I listen, I pick out something new i didn’t catch the first time.

  3. I bought both John Maxwell’s and Peter Bregman’s books after listening to their interviews. Their message on personal/professional growth and how to get there was great.

  4. I think Maxwell and Acuff were the best, although Dave is always great as well (and Chris Hogan needs to cohost)

    I’d also love to see more “listener question shows” especially with live call in or listener chat.


  5. I hope Mefford makes it onto the “best off” podcast. His podcast commentaries (like using EntreLeadership principles to help his wife choose between Team Jacob and Team Edward) always make my day. #MoreMefford

  6. I think for me the best episodes have been the Q&A, Chris Hogan on Financial Peace for business. Great, all great! And very hard to figure out which one would be on my ‘best’ list. Thanks for all you do. And love Mefford’s comments – makes me LOL.

  7. Chris, I love all the episodes, it’s been so helpful! As a young buck on the corporate latter, I’d like to hear how people have been able to move up earlier in their careers and how to gain more influence when you’re young.

  8. Jon Acuff’s had a lot of great information wrapped in humor. There’s no doubt that your interview with John Maxwell was the most heart-tugging episode with great practical advice. I just recently listened to “The Start-up of You” and Reid Hoffman’s interview was also incredible.

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