When God Sends You To A Resort

I am sitting in my hotel room at the Westin La Cantera Resort. This is the location of our EntreLeadership Master Series San Antonio event. As I sit at the desk, I am beyond exhausted from the countless hours of one-on-one coaching, roundtable coaching, and speaking.

Sunday I ran the Rock and Roll half marathon, and then Sunday night we kicked off EntreLeadership, and it’s been a marathon since. This, however, is a different kind of exhausted. This has been one of the most amazing weeks of counseling that I’ve ever done. At least 50% of the sessions involved tears. Not something that an entrepreneur is expecting when they come to see me about business questions.

Each time I hear the same thing – I didn’t expect to be crying! And each time I say the same thing – you’re not the first. For the past four days I have been blessed to be a part of the lives of some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. While they walk away telling me thank you, I look up to my Lord and say thank you.

It has made me believe that everyone should have someone that they can sit down with and unpack their business, and perhaps their life. It has been said that entrepreneurs can go from sheer exhilaration to sheer terror and back in the same 24 hours. Add family, spouses, kids, and people who judge you, and life becomes even more interesting…or should I say, painful.

The great thing is these folks are not just survivors, they are thrivers. People who have created businesses in spite of all the weight the world has put on them. People who, in spite of their past, have made a difference in the futures of so many. Whether they understood before this week, what was causing them so much conflict or not, they stared adversity in the face and said – you will not win!

The Bible says that before the foundations of the earth were laid, the Lamb was slain. That means God knew the beginning from the end. Therefore, thousands of years ago, He knew exactly who would be here, and exactly what we would talk about. Just another example of how much God loves the one! That kind of love is beyond measure. How can He have planned this so well?

I guess that’s what makes Him God. I am so honored to have been a part of the lives of these amazing men and women…if for only one hour.

Question: When have you experienced God’s Divine appointments?

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26 thoughts on “When God Sends You To A Resort”

  1. If this post wasn’t so touching and sentimental, I’d say, “Gosh, Chris, I want to spend a few thousand dollars to go hang out with you and cry the whole time!” But, instead, I’ll say, this. When you create the atmosphere for people to be this emotional, you are truly changing lives and bettering the world. It’s fun to witness this from afar largely through words here. It’s fun to see God’s work in action.

  2. When I read posts like these and profiles that we write on these amazing people, I am so inspired and WANT to go do business with people just like them for whatever service I want/need. It just goes to show that there’s always a ton of heartache, joy, fighting and celebrating that goes on behind the scenes of every small business – whether it’s a one-man show or a one-man show that has grown to 300+.

  3. Were these tears of joy? Tears of fear? Tears of frustration? Tears of anger? I’m not getting that “aha” reason for the tears.

  4. After reading this entry, I prayed Proverbs 11:25 for you. “A generous person will prosper; he who refreshes others will also be refreshed.” And, in the midst of all your marathonizing, I’m providing you with this peaceful photograph. (partly because your entry today didn’t have one and I took some great ones yesterday!)

  5. What a blessing, Chris – what a blessing. Yes, I have had this experience at an event called “The Experience” hosted by the Coaching Company Building Champions at a secluded resort. Resorts seem to be the perfect place to just “be still and know that He is God….”. Sometimes it takes getting away from the hustle and bustle of life – and then when the event is lead by someone like YOU, Chris – who is lead by God and listening from Him and leading others – our hearts are open to receive the message.

          1. Ok – making sure! I saw where on the upper right of your blog – Under “Comments” – several of my comments did not show “Louise Thaxton” but “Anonymous”……curious…..then it changed – oh well…..

  6. There have been a few times I’ve experienced GOD’s divine appointments. They are awesome, powerful, & are often when he has no other choice to get me to move.

    Interestingly, this past week I’ve been praying that I would not miss the divine appointments GOD sends my way every day. I mean…I wonder how often the “minor” setbacks in my day (like forgetting my wallet) cause me to be next to someone in line as a divine appointment? GOD is in control of everything in my life, so I am thinking how often I miss GOD’s divine appointments because I’m focused on the next thing on my LIST, as if the LIST is my god instead of GOD as my god.

    Do you think that’s why conferences, trips, vacations, and anything that takes us out of our normal routine show more divine appointments? Interested in your thoughts…

  7. It’s during times like this that we feel like we are a part of something greater than ourselves. I had a moment like this the other night when I was helping a young lady with her car in the pouring rain. I was tired and wet but it didn’t seem to bother me. Moments like this are a gift!

  8. As a business owner/entrepreneur, I relate to the “sheer exhilaration to sheer terror and back in the same 24 hours”! I absolutely appreciate people like you and other friends I have as sounding boards who I have in my life to help me…but ultimately, I thank God for his part in my life and sending people like you my way! I can’t do this alone.

  9. I’m reading this a little late, but just want to say “thank you, Chris”. I had one of those life changing conversations with you 2 years ago, at Entreleadership, and still thank God for that time. We have gradually changed the culture at my business; honesty and integrity are the core of everything we do, no excuses. Placing Jesus at the center of my decisions takes a lot of the pressure and stress off me; He is my guiding light!

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