192 | When “Going with Your Gut” is Holding You Back

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“The fear is not going to do anything for you. That surface level response needs to take a hike.”

On today’s show we have four phenomenal questions from our podcast listeners! We hit social media and creating a greater tribe, social anxiety and networking, surface level responses, distance communication with your team, how to bring perspective to leadership, and when having a remote team is detrimental to your business. WOW. We have a jam packed episode today. Let’s dive in!

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Strategies for video advertising on social media
  • Tactics to create loyal customers
  • Social anxiety and what it has to do with your Root System
  • Why networking does not come naturally for some
  • What TO do and what NOT to do in distance communication at work
  • Bringing new perspective to your leadership team
  • When a remote team is detrimental to the business

On some of these questions, we blow past the surface level response the listener is focused on and get to the core of the issue. Here’s taste of our conversation on social anxiety:

“As long as you keep seeking human beings for that affirmation you will never solve the issue that you’re feeling right now. Man can’t do anything for you in that area. It will only happen if you put God first, if you make him more important. Is there one person on earth that can impact eternity? No man can impact your soul.

The fear is not going to do anything for you. That surface level response needs to take a hike. Discover what’s in your Root System that has caused you to feel unworthy and not good enough…”

Listen to our full discussion here:

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