Where Can I Get A Will?

It’s not uncommon for someone to ask us, Where can I get a will? Why? When you begin to get your finances in order and you have something to leave to loved ones, you want to make sure it gets there.

The problem is that many people don’t put a priority on getting a will, so they don’t. And it’s not like it’s that difficult to do. So why am I talking about this? Estate planners tell us that nearly 70% of Americans die without a will.

I have seen both sides. I can tell you the families who lose a loved one who doesn’t have a will continue to suffer with the loss well beyond those whose loved one had a will. Here are some reasons to get one:

  • They’re cheap! – You can get a will from USLegalForms.com for as low as $15. That’s dang cheap! You can even upgrade for a bit more, and they’ll have someone prepare it for you.
  • Consider it a gift – With a will, your estate will be considerably easier to handle. It spells out who gets your assets and what needs to happen. Your family will be going through enough grief with your loss. Don’t throw on top of that the need to fight with other family members or have to split things up in a different percentage than you would like. You can make sure your family is provided for the way YOU want.
  • Do you trust your state?  – If your state has done a horrible job in handling the state’s finances, why in the world would you let them handle your estate? Without a will, they get to decide. And it’s not only where your assets go. If you have children and it’s not spelled out, they decide that, as well.
  • Who really likes taxes?  – Well, I guess there are a lot that do. But if you don’t, having a will can keep your family from paying more inheritance taxes than necessary. You’ve already paid taxes on your stuff, and your family will have to again—don’t let the government heap more on top of that.

So as an individual, you need to make this happen and soon. As a business, we offer all of our team members a free will. Yep. We pay for it. Again, it’s $15!!! Trust me when I say this isn’t an advertisement. It’s a plea.

Question: Do you know someone who did not have a will when they passed away? 



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31 thoughts on “Where Can I Get A Will?”

  1. Thanks for this post Chris! Its easy to put off. Being in my 20’s it’s easy to think it isn’t necessary for at least a couple decades but I KNOW nothing could be further for the truth! The reminder is appreciated.

    1.  @Skropp In my 30’s, still have the same mindset!  Looking back on my 20’s, there were a lot of fun experiences that could have resulted in the need for a will.
       I guess its one of those things that you’ll get to down the road, until you find out the bridge ahead is under construction.  Oh and the road is washed out behind you.  Thanks for the reminder!

  2. This is just one of those extremely important things we all need to do and put off.  It was one of our Family goals last year and is again this year. I’m confident we’ll actually get it done this year.  Having a baby tends to motivate one to take care of this stuff. 

  3. My wife and I didn’t really worry about this until we had our kids. Then it wasn’t just about our finances but also about who would be guardians of our children. We just used Legal Zoom – they were pretty reasonably priced.

    1.  @Loren Pinilis Same here, legal guardianship is the big issue for us. I think this is what has stopped us from moving forward with it. We have the forms and they’re happily sitting there…

  4. I listen to Dave Ramsey everyday, and a couple weeks ago he had a call where a lady called in to scream debt free.  As they talked, her 30 something husband had just passed away and left his family with everything they will ever need.  I went to the site Chris mentions and got our will that hour. 
    Do not wait to get a will!  (nudge nudge Joel)

  5. This has been on my list of things to do for years. YEARS. Thank you for the nudge and the link, Chris. I just spent $25 and now I have to FILL THEM OUT??? Dang. If it ain’t one thing, it’s anuthuh.

  6. Is there a rule of thumb for when your estate is too complex for the online options and would be better served by an Estate Planning Lawyer?

    1.  @danielking27 Some say it’s best to do this with a lawyer period to ensure it’s all done correctly, you understand what’s you’re doing and you get all of your questions answered. 

      1.  @JoelFortner  @danielking27 I checked with a couple attorneys to do our will,  the going price was around $750.  We thought for the meantime until we save that up, we would do it this way so it’s covered.  Better than nothing!

  7. I always assumed we would get a will when children came along. 
    But now we’re questioning if those children are going to come. (Either way, we hope to adopt some day.)
    I guess as soon as a person starts accumulating “stuff” it’s best to get a will so extended family and in-laws don’t fight over it. And I’m not too thrilled with the idea of letting some branch of the government decide what to do with it all…. 
    Just might have to look up that $15 deal.

    1.  @Laura Johnson We don’t have children either but the thought of leaving my sisters or my Mom to handle our stuff without instruction is just too rude. And be forewarned – it is $25 because it is $15 for you and $10 for your husband.

  8. One thing to remember is many libraries have US Legal Forms or an equals available to patrons for free.  Not only wills, but many other standardized forms.  That leaves no excuse for not having these important documents

  9. Chris! This practice is relatively done better in US than in India. Here in my country, the awreness is very low even among the rich and the educated. (Forget about the middle class or uneducated). Only a few percentage leave a proper will for their future generation. There are so many legal cases going in our civil courts among the legal heirs. A sad truth from my country.

  10. Because I worked in a law office for  almost 2 decades, I saw many families explode because there was no will. 
    And even recently, with someone who works for me, a disaster with grown children when father dies, and was married to step-mother at the time.  
    I have a hand-written will which is allowed in my state.  And if I think of something I want to add – I create a codicil to that will.  I do plan on getting a “formal” will prepared – but for several years, I have updated regularly this hand-written will in the event that I didn’t get a “round tuit”!  

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