194 | Why Biblical Perspective Grows Your Business, And How to Get It

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You don’t need great experience to pull off that business venture or big transition.

The fear of failure, of not being capable, is overcome by understanding. Maybe you’re here: you don’t feel like you know everything about how to get started, what to do, or how to make it work. Here’s my suggestion, fill in the blanks! You must have great perspective to not have fear.

When it comes to fear, what most people are missing is quality perspective. I see this ALL the time. Here’s my rant…

God’s not going to call you to do something, then let you fail.

One of the biggest misconceptions that people have, unfortunately from decades and decades of bad Christian teaching, is the belief they are standing on a rug and God is holding onto the edge to just yank it out. That’s horrible teaching, it’s not true. God has a plan to prosper you.

We don’t believe God has our best interest at heart.

If God is telling you to do something, there is NO reason to not step out there. He’s not confused or changing his mind. Step out and pray for help with unbelief. That’s the faith side of it. The business side of it is a little different. 

Here’s what you’ll discover on the business side this episode:

  • What categories you need to gain perspective on for you business
  • How to define your platform
  • Forming a plan for reaching your audience
  • Differentiating yourself and your offering in the market
  • How to advertise to grow your brand and connect with your ideal customer
  • Determining the demographic that will be receptive to you
  • How to tailor your message to your audience
  • How to get your product or message in front of people

You can’t just sell a product. If you do, people will be bored with you. You must become relevant to your customer’s life. Speak to them in a way that makes them think, “Man, that [fill in your name], I want more from them.”


When you gain this perspective, you actively remove obstacles from the table. What is left over becomes a clear picture of what you go after.



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Q: How have you overcome fear holding you back in business?



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