177 | Why Entrepreneurs Plateau in Their Business

There’s something that we are going to be doing more of, and that’s because you guys said you loved it.

We did a live call-in show a few episodes back and had phenomenal responses to that. #welistened

We’re going to start doing some of the shows as call-in! We will walk through whatever questions you’ve got. Get on the schedule here.

#ASKCHRIS is back! 

On today’s show, we’re tackling two killer questions from our podcast listeners. Here’s a taste of what we talk about:

  1. Why entrepreneurs plateau in their business + life and what to do about it
  2. Tackling negative management and creating culture as a team member

We dive into…

The ultimate goal is not for you to just focus on you. The ultimate goal is for you to also help and serve people as well in this process.



If you want to be on the show and have your question answered by me, it’s actually pretty easy to do now. Go to chrislocurto.com/show.





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