389 | Why I Don’t Like Myself Anymore: Getting Unstuck in Life

Today on the podcast we’re talking about what to do when you don’t like the person you see in the mirror – the one who’s looking back at you.

Here’s the reality we live with: self-loathing is not a new phenomenon, it’s part of our human condition. Think about it. All of us have moments of being disgusted with some aspect of ourselves – whether it’s our appearance, attitude, behavior, etc. 

Plus we live in a world that BINGES on comparison: the result is destructive.

The good news is that we can dig into our “root-system” and deal with the lies we’re telling ourselves; we can self-manage to a healthier version of ourselves.

My question for you is, what do you do after that? Do you sit in the self-hatred? Do you feel unworthy? Do you tell yourself countless amounts of lies?

I see this kind of behavior weekly when we do Next-Level Life’s and I have seen so much growth when people make an effort to change their behavior, thought process, and mindset about themselves! 

Today on the podcast, Joel Fortner and I dig into what it looks like to get unstuck in that mindset – how to find freedom in truth and get rid of any lies!

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