60 | Why You Are Not Ready for a Mastermind


So I get this question all the time, “You don’t do the mastermind thing… Do you?”
My response: “Well, YEAH… I do!”
Mastermind groups are powerful. They are a game changer for next-level thinking.

Most folks talk about being successful but rarely ever do the things necessary to be successful.
Since masterminds are all about action, accountability, perspective, and community, some people just aren’t ready.
It’s easier to talk about it than it is to commit.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What it takes to be in a mastermind
  • Why next level thinking is crucial to success
  • Signs you’re not ready for a mastermind
  • The importance of gaining outside perspective
  • Why you can’t hide in a mastermind
  • The importance of community

Question: Are you in a mastermind?  Why? or Why not?




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7 thoughts on “60 | Why You Are Not Ready for a Mastermind”

  1. I’m not in a formal mastermind, but I do have correspondence with a couple people that help to push me forward.

    One of the reasons I’m not in a formal mastermind is because of my crazy schedule (I know, I need to work on that!). I’ve looked into several and they would meet at times that I would be either at work or I’d be asleep.

    There are also some that require payment, which I’m not prepared for at the moment. My wife and I are in mortgage-elimination mode trying to kill the BOA (Bank of America) that is trying to strangle us.

    I’m trying to make the most out of those I am in contact with. They are pushing me to get out there and make connections, help people, and translate them into paying clients.

  2. Chris,
    Thanks for explaining what a Mastermind is. For some reason I imagined a bunch of unsavory characters gathering together to plot world domination. I love your podcast!

      1. Yes you did!! Please remember to bring the viking helmet and mask to our next meeting. It’s my turn to wear it!! I’m working on my “mwahahaha” right now. Can’t dominate the world without that.

  3. LOVE!! the first time I heard the phrase ” If you are the smartest person in the room, get out of the room” I was inspired. I knew my current surroundings would not enable me to grow, so I found other ways. Books, podcasts, webinars, books and more books. thank you, Chris.

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