288 | Why Your Life Is Unbalanced, And How To Fix It

No, you’ll never find true balance in life…

But you can get healthier in the areas that matter most to you without getting burnt-out.

How do we do that? How do we invest in each area of our lives and not burn out?

Learn how on today’s episode:


  • The Wheel of Life show us how we need to distribute our time, our focus, and where we need to set goals
  • The areas we’re doing the best in the Wheel Of Life rarely end up being the most important things in our lives. They tend to be the places that are giving us the most self-worth.
  • Our wheels are often “out of round.” For example, if you do a great job in Career, but you suffer in Social, you’ll have a very stressed filled, boring life.
  • We often lack great perspective on ourselves, unable to assess if our “wheel” is round or mishapen
  • Social is an important area of the Wheel Of Life! God created us to be communal.
  • When we leave areas of the Wheel Of Life unattended we miss out on important areas of life.
  • As you spend quality time setting goals on what it will take to get your wheel more round, you will finally feel more consistent balance in your life.

Key Action Items:

  1. Discover how healthy are you in every area of your life? The phenomenal tool Zig Ziglar created to show people how to distribute their time, their focus and where goals need to be set in each area. [2:53] 
  2. Find the areas where your focus is unhealthy [4:48]
  3. The downloadable pdf for this week’s action steps to [11:51]
  4. Get the questions to answer to set goals in each area of the Wheel Of Life. [12:37]
  5. Discover what to implement in the most important areas of your wheel [13:44] 


“Wheel Of Life Goal Setting” Worksheet:


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