13 | Why Your Meetings Suck

Meetings. Suck. At least most of the time. Why? I’ll tell you!

Today’s podcast is dedicated to the topic of making your meetings more productive! Check it out!



14 thoughts on “13 | Why Your Meetings Suck”

      1. Thank you Chris (and Matt).
        I think that epub versions of free material can be a plus for all of us avid ebook readers 🙂
        Also the combo release of pdf and epub versions is something that lots of other respected authors still fail to do. This can be a good point home for you Chris!

        Anyway, I’ll dig in the pdf today as I’m too eager to wait… 😉


  1. YAY for eBook launch!!!! This information will help me run more effective meetings, for sure! My takeaway is to let people know I care about them, inform them the purpose of the meeting beforehand and forget the blame game and focus on “what happened here and how do we fix it?”

    Thanks, Chris for continuing to share awesome stuff with the Tribe.

    PS. Free Spanish lesson of the day: Imagine “Azul” is spelled with an “s” and you’ll get the perfect pronunciation. Just sayin’

  2. Just downloaded the book. I love the title and the subject matter. I sit in too many meetings that suck far more than they should. I look forward to using this resource to improve my own meeting leadership skills. Thanks!

  3. just finished the book. It’s a great read and filled with good practical tips. I work in a ministry that has lots of meetings, too often with no real sense of what the meeting is really to accomplish other than we have a board or a committee and we have to have a meeting in order to accomplish something!.

  4. Christopher M Kraft

    I must have missed the area where I could click download. Hadn’t seen it in my email inbox either.

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