You Got Somethin’ To Say?

Many of you have left some amazing comments. So amazing that I think there is potential for some really good guest posts. If that’s you, then let’s see whatchya got.

How should it look?

  • The content needs to have something to do with leadership or business.
  • It needs to be between 300 and 500 words.
  • It can’t be something that has already been published. And you agree not to publish it, except for a promo of it.
  • It needs to be clean. No point in putting in anything dirty, or with bad language.
  • Try for humor. You don’t have to be Steve Martin…unless you’re Steve Martin, but throw a little somethin’ in there to make us laugh. Unless your content is serious, then It’s okay not too.
  • Let me know who you are so I can publish your name, or your…handle? Do they still use the term handle for made up names?
  • Let me know how many Twitter and Facebook followers you have, and if you’re willing to promote to them about your post.
  • I would like you to put a link on your website back to the post.

Then write it up and email it to me with “Guest Post” in the subject line. So that’s it. I would love to share the talent of those who appreciate my writing. Or…maybe you feel sorry for me. Don’t tell me if you do because I feel pretty good when I see my stats. I don’t want to lose that lovin’ feelin’.


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4 thoughts on “You Got Somethin’ To Say?”

  1. Chris,

    Should “•It can’t be something that hasn’t already been published. And you agree not to publish it, except for a promo of it.”
    actually read “It can’t be somethign that HAS already been published…”

    the rest of the sentence seems to imply that you mean only publish it here, so I’m trying to figure out why is should have been published, which is how I’m reading the sentence. This is probably a double negative type thing so it’s a bit ambiguous.

    Maybe it means “It can’t be published elsewhere except a promo of the post”.
    but that’s not how it reads to me now….


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