You Inspire Me

People are inspired by the things we say, do, or by our actions. We all have either a positive or negative impact on each other.

Chris LoCurto, Leadership, Business, Strategic Planning

We live in an overworked, stressed out, broken world, and people are hungry for inspiration.

The crazy thing is, it doesn’t take much to inspire them. The main ingredient? Caring! That’s right, you have to care to inspire.

If you understand how many times in your life you needed a little inspiration, then it makes it really easy to understand how those around you need a little as well.

So, I have a challenge for you. I want to know who recently inspired you, and how they did it. And, I want to know what you can do to inspire someone…wait for it…TODAY!

Yes, I know that many of you are reading this saying, “I’m the one who needs to be inspired today!” I get that, I know where you’re coming from.

But here’s the fun thing, you will actually be inspired just by helping someone else have a greater day. Heck, just making their hour great will be phenomenal.

So, be inspiring right now and comment below on the questions I asked you, then go do it!


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Meet Chris LoCurto


Chris has a heart for changing lives by helping people discover the life and business they really want.

Decades of personal and leadership development experience, as well as running multi-million dollar businesses, has made him an expert in life and business coaching. personality types, and communication styles.

Growing up in a small logging town near Lake Tahoe, California, Chris learned a strong work ethic at home from his full-time working mom. He began his leadership and training career in the corporate world, starting but at E'TRADE.

51 thoughts on “You Inspire Me”

  1. I try to show everyone I see and talk to that I love them every day. I’m not super smart or super impressive, but I AM SUPER filled with love for my fellow humans…. and they know it.

    1. Kim, a smile seems almost too simple to work, but you are exactly right! How easy it can be to walk right past others and not even make eye contact – I love your enthusiasm.

  2. I’m not sure this counts as inspiration — but I try hard every day to remember to be kind and generous to “the least of these”. Whether it’s a waiter or waitress who’s having a bad day, or the medical assistant who’s going to be doing my insurance evaluation this afternoon, or the optician who will be helping me fix the nosepads on my eyeglasses on my way to the medical office…. You get the picture. The more light I can shine into their day simply by being warm, interested, and kind, the greater the chance that their day will be improved.

    Most people tend to come in expecting something, or preoccupied with their own stuff. I like to avoid ignoring those who are used to being ignored, in other words.

    1. Love this! …to quote Carol 🙂
      The other day when I went to a seminar, there were four different people I briefly said something to–along the lines of thanks–and they all gave me the exact same split second look before responding. They were, one of the speakers, a security guard, and a couple fast food drive through employees. I call it the “she really sees me–me! People don’t normally see me” look 🙂
      I could tell I made their day a little brighter, and that made my day 🙂

  3. I’m meeting with solopreneurs and entrepreneurs all day today and after one meeting I’m inspired! And my aim is always to life them up too. It’s the most thrilling part of coaching by a long shot!

    1. Great job Joel. Folks like that can easily think they are alone in their journey. It helps to have an encouraging word and an ear. 🙂

  4. I was inspired yesterday by Jared Easley’s Podcast (Starve the Doubts) Interview with Joy Groblebe, artist Manager for Michael Hyatt & Ken Davis, and the follow up conversations that took place on twitter! Awesome work Jared, your hard work is really showing in a big way!
    I hope to inspire someone with my blog posting about Character over Reputation – don’t let others’ thoughts about you compromise your character- stick with it!

  5. Bennett inspires me. Bennett is a 2-year-old little boy with Down syndrome who I run in honor of as part of a program called I Run 4 that pairs runners with people who cannot run. It’s incredible how knowing that I run for him gets me through the rough workouts, the painful muscles, the days I want to just take the day off. And posting on that Facebook page that I ran 5 miles for Bennett makes it all worth it!

    1. Your dedication to training and running, going through your half marathon, your selflessness and dedication to run for Bennett has definitely inspired me, Carol. Keep up the great work!!

      1. Thank you Lily. You are pretty inspiring yourself – love how your family is so important and yet you still have time to write, work, comment, etc.etc.etc.

  6. I’m on vacation today. Unfortunately, last night, I had to go back to work at 8:30pm to take care of something urgent. When I got there, I assumed I would be alone. To my surprise, one of my co-workers was sitting there working on one of the jobs I’m managing.

    We talked for a few minutes and he told me that he had to be home by 9:30pm. I asked why such a specific time?

    It turns out that he and his wife are caring for their friend’s children in the evenings because their friend & his wife are both working the late shift. No money for it. They are just helping them out.

    This guy is working at least 60 hours a week with two kids of his own and he is happily sacrificing even more to help out his friend.

    That inspired me!

  7. I get inspired by reading the posts that end up in my in box everyday. Thanks Chris, Matt, Micheal…

    Just before I read this I told a new employee working in another department how much everyone loved her.

  8. Chris, you are the one who inspires me. My business has been a 180 from where it was before I started listening to you. I’m going to give a couple $ handshakes for the first time today. I hope that is inspiring to my team! Thanks!

  9. There are numerous podcasts that I listen to. In just the last couple days, I’ve been inspired and motivated by Dan Miller, Cliff Ravenscraft, Erik Fisher, Daniel j. lewis, and Dave Jackson.

    I’m going to have some dedicated time with my kids this weekend, so I’m going work at trying to motivate them and inspire them.

  10. I just had a client walk out of my office. Her budget is humming, she feels confident that she is managing her money well and has a plan for the future. She said I made it easy for her; I keep her motivated and always answer her questions right away. But she inspires me as a young, single woman who has faced adversity without letting it knock her down. Maybe coaching is a bit of a mutual admiration club, but my clients make it so easy to get out of bed in the morning to go change a world one life at a time!

  11. Oddly enough, I was inspired yesterday by a prospect’s lack of inspiration as they gave a demo class for me. As I sat in the seat next to my students, I started to see my style, my class through their eyes. The experience juiced me up for being on my game 100% of the time.

    Today, I think my wife can use some inspiration. No specific reason really, but I know I can inspire my wife today by filling her up with honest praise about how hard she works at her bakery, and how totally delicious her creations are. (She’s about to dive into a weekend of baking for an event.) I think some inspiration at the start will help!

  12. I have so much going on in my life right now-new marriage, new job, new wife and it seems to almost spin out of control but my Mom told me yesterday to pick one thing to do, do it, then go on to the next. She has been an inspiration my whole life-she raised us on her own and life has been a struggle for her as it is for most of us but she slways stayed positive. I try to inspire my family everyday by climbing the mountains and not walking in the valleys. Nothing is too hard when Jesus gives you strength.

  13. One thing I have learned since launching my own company is to be inspired by others who have gone before you (and are launching around you) instead of being envious or jealous or competitive. Being able to set this aside and learn from the things they are doing right is so critical, because it both removes a barrier from you internally and allows you to see best practices with other.
    Great job Chris. – @mkokc:disqus

  14. My 4-y-o daughter was pushed and hit pretty hard at daycare a few days ago. She ran a fever the next day and I stayed home with her. When I told her she wouldn’t be going to daycare, her fever went away. Later we talked about the incident and I told her that maybe the other little girl is not happy and that she probably didn’t mean to hurt her. My daughter said “I need to be her friend. I will bring a treat and a gift for her”. She took a bag of lollipops to share with everyone the next day. Her big, compassionate heart is always an inspiration to me. I hope I can be more like her and want to be nice to those who are not that nice to me.

    1. Lily – that is incredible – talk about amazing! Not only is it awful that she was hurt, but to react that way – you have taught her well! Very inspiring!

  15. Well yesterday I had the chance to inspire 7 and 8 year old baseball players that they had nothing to be afraid of the pitching machine. Thanks to Matt McWilliams, I also told every kid that “I Believed in them” and said they can do it!

    I know each kid walked away last night feeling they had fun and stepped over fear because we chose to give positive instructions.

    Also Chris, you and the tribe do inspire me to be better and yet I haven’t met any of you face to face yet! Pretty amazing!

  16. “We live in an overworked, stressed out, broken world, and people are hungry for inspiration.”
    Reminds me of a quote…
    “Our life is full of brokenness–broken relationships, broken promises, broken expectations. How can we live with that brokenness without becoming bitter and resentful except by returning again and again to God’s faithful presence in our lives.” Henri Nouwen

  17. Dude, YOU inspire me! I think I have chatted with you on all of the social media outlets. When I found that bootleg EntreLeadership PDF online, I hit you up on Twitter to tell you about it and you answered back and handled it. I’ve won two book contests here and you sent the books with two personal email messages. I posted my US Army pick from when I served in the late 90s and you said, “Thanks for serving.” I inboxed you on Facebook for advice about taking a job with Aflac, and you told me what you thought and I didn’t take that job. I ended up doing some more research and found some shady stuff. You stop by my Facebook page and said, “Dude, you’re amazing!” I showed my wife and kids that like it was a badge of honor. lol! The point of why all these things inspired me was because as busy as you are, you still stop for the little guys. You are not to big or busy to say what’s up! Jesus did this and these little gestures are powerful.

    So with my team and people I will commit on never getting so big that I cannot stop and say, “Hi!” to the next little guy coming up in life. That’s how I will inspire my people today! Thanks Chris! “You are the man!” (2nd Samuel 12:7).

    1. Amazing – what may seem like a small gesture to one person can mean so much to another – thanks for sharing Ricardo, and more importantly, thanks for making the commitment to reaching out to others in the same way! Very Cool.

  18. Chris, the pastor at church last week recited 1Corinthians 1:26-29, which reminded me that God uses fools, morons and failures. As a resident fool, moron, and failure, I’m definitely inspired by people who have the guts to put themselves out there to fail and to tell their story of failure so that other people can learn from their mistakes.

  19. I am drawn like a magnet to women who just need someone to believe in them! They inspire me!

    “Love is a believing creature!” ~ Ovid

  20. I collect nuggets of wisdom when I read books and write them in my “Journal of Inspiration.” When life slows down, I read over my entries to get perspective and feel rejuvenated. It is a time to look up from the daily grind to see the bigger picture. Just finished reading Jon Acuff’s book, Start. Many nuggets of wisdom. I shared my insight on FB.

  21. My day job is teaching English as a Second Language. One student in my school was in my classes a couple of months ago. He still tells me that I am his favorite teacher and have taught him more than any other teachers. Some of the other teachers find him a pain because of his questions, but I enjoy his intelligence and his inquiring mind. His comments inspire me to keep going that extra mile.

    I try every day to encourage my students, especially the ones who are having trouble keeping up. I praise what they do well and remind them that mistakes are part of learning, so they shouldn’t get discouraged even when they struggle academically.

    I have a sewing school that I am building. I had a sign made for the classroom that says, “misTakes aRe how we leaRn,” and the other day when a kid had to rip out a seam she looked at the sign, sighed, and said, “I’m making mistakes, but I’m learning.” This made it all worthwhile!

  22. My brother, Tom Brichacek, inspires me today. He took over our dad’s business several years ago and it has grown substantially because of his mind. He has streamlined the existing systems and made the entire business run efficiently. The business would not be anywhere near where it is today without him. Not only do I admire his business-sense, but his desire and drive to show their employees what a good boss can be.

  23. This is beautiful, thank you for writing this… Indeed, ” we live in an overworked, stressed out, broken world” everyone is busy with their own thing, are we becoming selfish?

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