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Michael Hyatt Best Year Ever

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 I’m sure you can think of someone who just seems to strike gold with whatever they touch – am I right?

You look at their success and think, “why them?”
I mean, you’re just as smart.  Just as talented.

So what sets them apart?

Well you’ll find out in today’s podcast with Michael Hyatt.

When you understand these qualities, you’ll also
understand what may be holding you back from
reaching your true potential.

You’ll learn:

  • Why now is the best time to get started with your goals.
  • How to avoid the New Years Resolution Curse
  • Why traditional goal setting doesn’t work.
  • How to set effective goals.
  • What to do when you get discouraged with your goals.
  • The Messy Middle with goal setting.
  • The correlation between goals and happiness.
  • What the Country Music Marathon has to do with goals.

Go listen and check out bestyearever.me/chrislocurto to make this YOUR BEST YEAR EVER!


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5 thoughts on “78 | Your Best Year Ever with Michael Hyatt”

  1. Excellent review Chris and clear articulated interview. Concise, consistent & Informative. I’m a big fan of you and Michael’s as well and I try to keep up with your views and approaches. Thank you for sharing!

  2. That was a great interview Chris! I loved Michael’s advice on creating an Evernote note for tracking your magic moments and key achievements throughout the year – makes complete sense. It’s much easier to do it as the year progresses and then to have a list to celebrate from at the end of the year, especially I may have forgotten about the ones from the beginning of the year. Hopefully that celebration also then fuels your momentum for the upcoming year…like adding a bit of nitrous.

  3. Very wise words from Michael:

    “The new way of setting goals, where you own all of that, you realize that the future is a blanks slate. That everything works for good for all of those who love God and are called according to His purpose. That nothing can stop you ultimately and to be empowered by that.

    And to see the future as a blank canvas and something that has yet to be created, to me is very empowering.

    Then I also think, writing your goals in a very specific format, we talked a little bit about that before and then connecting emotionally to those goals. And I advise people literally to write down a list of reasons of why that goal is important.

    You got to get connected to it emotionally when you are in your best possible state at the very beginning when you can visualize, “what will that feel like when I lose that weight or pay off that debt or start that business or rekindle this relationship with my spouse.”

    What is that going to feel like and write that down then so you can review it later and get to the messy middle.”


    “I think the most important thing you can do at this stage in setting your goals is identify. And you got to do this: Identify the next action.”

    Excellent practical steps. You should have a great 2015 Chris and hope you reach your goals. God Bless. Thank you, I will tweet this to my little tribe.

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