70 | Your Go-To Marketing Strategy for the Holidays

Your Go-To Marketing Strategy for the Holidays


Hey Folks!

It’s Joel Fortner from the Chris LoCurto Team taking over the mic for today’s podcast.
On this episode we are talking about your marketing strategy for the holidays…and beyond.

There is a framework that I teach people about marketing that allows you to have a consistent and steady flow of customers all year round.
We will cover the big picture stuff and then take a deep dive into how this applies to you and your business.

I created a pdf checklist for you to download that will help you better apply this information to your business.
Download it and take time TODAY to get this stuff in writing so you are prepared for the weeks and months to come.


Question: What was your biggest take away? How can you apply this framework to your business?


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11 thoughts on “70 | Your Go-To Marketing Strategy for the Holidays”

  1. Joel, you just iced the cake (the cake was our marketing coaching session yesterday). The GSK framework gives us a way to categorize efforts and to insure that we are touching all of those points. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Steve! Keep laser focus on WHO your customer is. So, let’s saayyyyy, it’s donors. 🙂 Is that businesses and/or individuals? Which businesses? If businesses, who’s values align with your values? Why do they value those things? So on and so forth. Keep digging in to learn more about your customer, what they value and why and so they see an alignment.

  2. Excellent podcast Joel. I like the concept of identifying your ideal client and then focusing in on them. It boils down to opportunity cost. Spend time in one area means not spending time in another. That basic concept applies to client selection, budgets, meetings, and every other single thing out there. The most successful people I know are the ones who are able to get past the fear of foregoing an opportunity because they have taken the time to understand the tradeoffs.

    Hope to hear more episodes hosted by you. Nice work.

  3. Great job Joel! I’ve never thought about the THREE different approaches to my clients, but it makes perfect sense. I need three different strategies to meeting their needs and connecting with them. This is answers a big question that came up in our sales meeting just yesterday. Thanks for all the great info!

  4. DESIGNS by Rashada

    Just heard this one and really got a lot from it. Simple and clear! Praise God for your talent. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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