86 | Your Next-Level Life Questions Answered

LifePlan Questions Answered

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Welcome to 2015! I hope your year is already rocking and you’ve started living intentionally. Michael Hyatts “Best Year Ever” is still going on for the next few days. What are you waiting for? Get involved by going to http://bestyearever.me/chrislocurto.

Today, Joel is joining me on the podcast and we’re answering your questions on LifePlan. This process is all about discovering the “why.” Why you make decisions the way you’re making them. Why you’re doing what you’re doing now. Why you’re at where you’re at in life. Everyone that comes through has decided to change their life for the better.

In this episode, we’ll be answering:

  • How LifePlan works and what you can expect during the two-day process
  • How we discover your purpose in life and your career through LifePlan
  • What tangible things (documents, playbook, etc.) attendees leave with
  • If spouses can attend LifePlan together
  • How LifePlan will help you

Wether you’re dealing with some serious junk or you just feel stuck in your life, I absolutely believe this process will change your life. It changes the way you live your life.

If we didn’t answer your question today, there are two ways to get those questions answered. Either contact Joel by going to https://chrislocurto.com/lifeplan-sign-up/, or send a voicemail at https://chrislocurto.com/askchris/

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  1. So where can I find pricing info? The links seem to be missing that, or I’m missing it when I follow them.

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