Next-Level Life
Scholarship Fund



We welcome you to partner with us to change more lives!

The Next-Level Life Scholarship Fund is dedicated to sponsoring individuals who can't financially afford to go through our 2-day Next-Level Life event.

The Fund began after a long-time client and friend generously offered to match funds up to $40,000!

That means for every dollar donated, our anonymous donor will match it.

What is Next-Level Life?

More than 400 people have come through Next-Level Life to discover how to overcome what holds them back and live a stronger life. In this two-day, one-on-one event, we lead you to discover:

  • 1 How and why you you respond to situations or people the way you do,
  • 2 How and why you make decisions the way you do,
  • 3 Uncover what holds you back and how to overcome it,
  • 4 How to live more authentically and with greater peace and contentment in life


Most people are held back in some area of their lives - stuck going through the motions of routine, failure, disappointment and broken communication in their most important relationships.

We want to help guide you to a greater perspective about your life, to see where God is already at work, and how to live with greater worth and confidence.

Brent Van Haren updated

Next-Level Life changed my life forever. I have a deeper understanding of who I am, I understand why I make decisions the way that I do, and I know exactly where to focus my energy to become the person that I know I can be.


Keeley Goward

Next-Level Life helped me see what is in my Root System that has held me back, which has changed/increased the trajectory in every area of my life. I left Next-Level Life a more healthy, whole, secure, and free person.


Ryan Richardson

The perspective I gained of myself and my life in 2 days, was nothing short of incredible! I was given a map of my life that showed me where I have been to get where I was, along with a map and the perspective to truly realize a life that is much more fulfilling.


Carrie Christine 1

Next-Level Life has been a significant part of my journey to live a dynamic and impactful life. It provided a unique lens through which I was able to process how my past shaped my view of myself, my decision-making and truly limited my view of life.  I left with a true picture of my authentic self and an action list from which to continue this journey at home. It was a transformative experience!


Jesse Harvey

Next Level Life has lifted a weight from my shoulders --- a weight I was placing there based on my Root System. I feel in control of my life now rather than giving it away to others and it has given me a road map to create a life of my choosing and the ability to dump the junk that is holding me back!


Neil Kanning

It was one of the hardest things I've ever done but my perspective on life has completely changed. I believe and know that I'll look back on those two days as pivotal days in my life.


Brent Carpenter

I went into Next-Level Life with a ton of expectations and hopes and I came out with incredibly more than I could have imagined. Clarity and perspective leads to truth, truth leads to freedom in all aspects of life, freedom leads to an ability to pursue what God specifically has for you. Next-Level Life gave me these things.


Bill Fischer

My bride and I were both very excited to go through Next-Level Life, but neither of us truly knew how beneficial and powerful the experience would be for each of us. It not only succeeded in making us both better and stronger individually, but also increased our understanding of each other and respect for each other's needs and motivations.


Wendy Staley

It was one of the hardest and best things I have ever done for myself. I walked away after 2 days a stronger, happier, confident person who now knows what my purpose is and what God placed me on this earth to do. I finally feel a freedom that I had never felt in the 40 years I walked this earth.


Eric Stoll

I left Next Level Life with a clear vision of what a healthy “Me” looked like. The process helped me to get “unstuck”, and be able to move forward in all areas of my life.


Apply for a Scholarship to go through Next-Level Life

Submit your 200-300 word essay explaining why you want to go through Next-Level Life as well as your financial hardship and need.

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