We discovered and capitalized on new revenue growth, by looking at our blindspots and finding what was holding us back. We gained the perspective and direction we need to run the company better and set our team up for success!
- Bo McDonald, Owner, Your Marketing Co.

Discover and Solve What Holds Back Excellence And Faster Growth


Maybe you keep hitting the same hurdles over and over along the path to success, but can never seem to move past them. Unfortunately, this is “normal” for businesses today. Many leaders have teams that struggle to take ownership of outcomes, and many teams have leaders who aren’t able to hold them accountable in healthy ways. 

Everyone knows that strategic execution is critical to success, and that high-quality communication is paramount to progress! And yet this is exactly where most teams struggle: they’re bogged down in conflict and confusion. 

Leaders, it’s time to help yourself and your teams solve the problems that are holding you back from seeing the success you’re striving for. You’ve got to equip your leadership team for a skillful execution of a holistic plan if you really want to win in the workplace! That’s what StratPlan helps you do.

Our StratPlan clients discover a wide range of revenue growth, between $0.5 M to $55 M depending on the size of their business, after applying the learnings that we’ll discover together in the 4-day Strategic Planning Event.

Do You Want A Stronger, More Unified Team Moving In The Same Direction?

You’ll come away from this event with a united, cohesive leadership team, all on the same page, equipped and resourced to implement a culture of higher productivity and greater team ownership of shared outcomes.


For four days, Chris will guide your leadership team to discover your greatest growth opportunities, what’s holding you back from achieving them, and the most important things to work on right now to grow the business.

  • 1

    Discover everything holding the business back from greater growth and your leadership team from being united. Find the Core Business Issues keeping you stuck, and discover what's killing team member productivity.

  • 2

    Uncover your business' growth and revenue opportunities for each Economic Engine, your ideal target market positioning, and your best sales and marketing strategies based on ideal client transformation.

  • 3

    You will leave with your best revenue opportunities prioritized, and rapid implementation Action Plan to solve the biggest issues in each business area: Strategy, Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Finances, Processes, and Culture.

Chris LoCurto StratPlan meeting
Amit Malla

StratPlan was a huge eye-opening event for our entire leadership team. As a team, we came out unified, energized and focused on specific initiatives to grow our team and the business. Chris really challenged our thinking and gave us the tools to communicate and understand each other at a much deeper level.

Amit Malla

Vice President of Security Solutions, Prime Communications
Bill Fischer

StratPlan truly served as the basis for a companywide transformation, both culturally and fiscally.  Our team is much happier and more focused and our finances are easily expected to double in the next 12 months and continue to escalate.  This was the best 3 and half days in the 50+ year history of our organization.

Bill Fischer

President, Vilimia
Brian Staley

The StratPlan gave us a perspective on our business that we could have never obtained on our own. You gently peeled back the leadership lid that created a bottle neck to our company's growth opportunities. The step-by-step guidance of the StratPlan methodically helped us develop a vision that gave us the gift of unlimited potential. We were able to shift away from a singular event driven momentum so we can now engage in the long-term process of success.

Brian M. Staley

Eric Stoll

Life looks so different on the other side of our StratPlan. Before then, I was overwhelmed and stuck in my business. No time to lead a team successfully or plan for the future. Today I have my time back and a plan to scale the business where I can still have a life.

Eric Stoll

Owner, Old South Wood Preserving
Brad Davis.new

Working with Chris LoCurto's team has saved me thousands of dollars while increasing the efficiency of our business. Thanks to Chris’s team we have vastly improved how we communicate as an organization. This has allowed us to make better decisions in a shorter amount of time.

Brad Davis

Owner, TennSlices

Your Future Business Could Look Like This

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Capitalizing on Millions

Chris has helped businesses like yours to discover and realize new, unseen revenue growth from $500,000 in twelve months to $55M in three years following StratPlan.  

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A Stronger, Unified Team

Moving in the same direction you will walk away with a united, cohesive leadership team on the same page, armed to implement a culture of greater productivity and team buy-in.

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Implementing Opportunities

Move past your company's greatest growth obstacles. You'll leave the event with greater perspective, the tools you need, and an initiative-based Action Plan.

Your Business Operating At 100% Looks Like:

  • 1
    Hitting your revenue and profit targets

    While serving customers with excellence.

  • 2
    High-levels of quality communication

    Increasing productivity at every level.

  • 3
    Your entire team moving together

    In the same company direction, with the same goals.

  • 4
    Company-wide transformation

    Through team buy-in to the set vision.

  • 5
    Proactively leading and solving problems

    Not reacting.

  • 6
    The whole team excited to come to work every day

    And running like a well-oiled machine.