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Brent Van Haren updated

Next-Level Life changed my life forever. I have a deeper understanding of who I am, I understand why I make decisions the way that I do, and I know exactly where to focus my energy to become the person that I know I can be.

Brent Van Haren

Keeley Goward

Next-Level Life helped me see what is in my Root System that has held me back, which has changed/increased the trajectory in every area of my life. I left Next-Level Life a more healthy, whole, secure, and free person.

Keeley Kaveolook

Ryan Richardson

The perspective I gained of myself and my life in 2 days, was nothing short of incredible! I was given a map of my life that showed me where I have been to get where I was, along with a map and the perspective to truly realize a life that is much more fulfilling.

Ryan Richardson

Carrie Christine 1

Next-Level Life has been a significant part of my journey to live a dynamic and impactful life. It provided a unique lens through which I was able to process how my past shaped my view of myself, my decision-making and truly limited my view of life.  I left with a true picture of my authentic self and an action list from which to continue this journey at home. It was a transformative experience!

Carrie Christine

Neil Kanning

It was one of the hardest things I've ever done but my perspective on life has completely changed. I believe and know that I'll look back on those two days as pivotal days in my life.

Neil Kanning

Brent Carpenter

I went into Next-Level Life with a ton of expectations and hopes and I came out with incredibly more than I could have imagined. Clarity and perspective leads to truth, truth leads to freedom in all aspects of life, freedom leads to an ability to pursue what God specifically has for you. Next-Level Life gave me these things.

Brent Carpenter

Bill Fischer

My bride and I were both very excited to go through Next-Level Life, but neither of us truly knew how beneficial and powerful the experience would be for each of us. It not only succeeded in making us both better and stronger individually, but also increased our understanding of each other and respect for each other's needs and motivations.

Bill Fischer

Wendy Staley

It was one of the hardest and best things I have ever done for myself. I walked away after 2 days a stronger, happier, confident person who now knows what my purpose is and what God placed me on this earth to do. I finally feel a freedom that I had never felt in the 40 years I walked this earth.

Wendy Staley


I left Next Level Life with a clear vision of what a healthy “Me” looked like. The process helped me to get “unstuck”, and be able to move forward in all areas of my life.

Eric Stoll

Amit Malla

StratPlan was a huge eye-opening event for our entire leadership team. As a team, we came out unified, energized and focused on specific initiatives to grow our team and the business. Chris really challenged our thinking and gave us the tools to communicate and understand each other at a much deeper level.

Amit Malla

Vice President of Security Solutions, Prime Communications

Bill Fischer

StratPlan truly served as the basis for a companywide transformation, both culturally and fiscally.  Our team is much happier and more focused and our finances are easily expected to double in the next 12 months and continue to escalate.  This was the best 3 and half days in the 50+ year history of our organization.

Bill Fischer

President, Vilimia

Brian Staley

The StratPlan gave us a perspective on our business that we could have never obtained on our own. You gently peeled back the leadership lid that created a bottle neck to our company's growth opportunities. The step-by-step guidance of the StratPlan methodically helped us develop a vision that gave us the gift of unlimited potential. We were able to shift away from a singular event driven momentum so we can now engage in the long-term process of success.

Brian M. Staley

President, ITG

Eric Stoll

Life looks so different on the other side of our StratPlan. Before then, I was overwhelmed and stuck in my business. No time to lead a team successfully or plan for the future. Today I have my time back and a plan to scale the business where I can still have a life.


Eric Stoll

Owner, Old South Wood Preserving


Working with Chris LoCurto's team has saved me thousands of dollars while increasing the efficiency of our business. Thanks to Chris’s team we have vastly improved how we communicate as an organization. This has allowed us to make better decisions in a shorter amount of time.

Brad Davis

Owner, TennSlices

Jeffrey Weaver

The mastermind program has helped me run my business so much better! I've gained back  a bunch of time, seeing great results from my leaders now, and I have so much more flexibility in life today.

Jeffrey Weaver

Owner, Weaver Excavating & Septic


With the structure that we put in place, our bottom line has increased, and it is related to what we have implemented here with Chris. The growth of our business has been on target and we have a growth goal of 40% this year (in previous years it was 5-10%).

Magnus Simonarson

President, ConsultWebs

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Since we started coaching, we have tripled our revenue! My team is empowered and equipped to continue to grow the business.

Chris Camp

Owner, TPC Construction Management

Nina Fenwick.1

Being a wife and mom while trying to manage over 25 employees was taking a serious toll on me. Having a leadership development coach has helped me grow [and it's] so hard to place a value on this program as it's paid for itself 10x over in employee retention and my overall stress relief. I have started to love being a leader once again.

Nina Fenwick

Owner, Raleigh Cleaning Company

Cindy Taylor

Our business has grown tremendously in gross revenue and profit. I've learned how to be an effective leader, how to build a healthy culture and how to be more connected as a team. But the BEST and most important thing I've received from joining Chris LoCurto is a closer connection with God and that has made all the difference in my business and personal life.

Cindy Taylor

Owner, Carolina Therapy Connection

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Chris Camp is a go-getter business owner and entrepreneur. After leading sales for an Arizona-based company after college, Chris was ready to open his own business. In 2006 he launched Atlanta Painting Company. Now an owner of five businesses, Chris mainly focuses on leading people to be successful and creating a work culture where people want to be and attracts champions.