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177 | Why Entrepreneurs Plateau in Their Business

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Ask Chris: Your First Hire

p class=”p1″>I’ve got a special treat for you on today’s show… Mr. Barry White stops in the studio for a guest appearance. (You’ll get it in a minute)

But seriously, our Q&A shows have been such a hit that we are changing the name to “Ask Chris” and are making it even easier to “ask Chris” your questions about business and life.

Go to and leave your question and you just might make it on the show!

Today’s question is on the topic of who should you hire first when building your business.More specifically, “does my personality style limit me to who I should hire first?”
Shout out to Randy for giving us today’s question.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How do you set up your business for success.
  • Can any personality style be an entrepreneur?
  • Why you should avoid partnerships.
  • Who do you hire first in your startup.
  • Do you hire by personality style?
  • Why you should start small.
  • Fixed expenses vs. Variable expenses
  • How to get a free DISC personality test.

AND for the month of December we are giving away a FREE DISC Personality Style Test to EVERYONE who leaves us an iTunes Review. EVERYONE!!!

So go to iTunes, leave a review, send an email to [email protected], reference your review with your name and we’ll make sure you get your FREE Test.