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311 | How To Tackle Tough Conversations With Your Team

Tough conversations are something to dread, until you learn a better way to have them. Chances are there’s a tough conversation you need to be having right now…and for some reason you’ve delayed it. When you avoid having tough conversations with your team member, it holds back their growth as a team member, and your …

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Four Questions Every Leader Must Ask Themselves

Leadership focus is usually on bottom-line, team morale, vision, and mission. But there are few things you have to ask yourself to gain perspective on where you are as an organization.

Chris LoCurto, Leadership, Business, Strategic Planning, LifePlan, #CLoTribe

At our strategic planning events, we spend tons of time gaining perspective on the business. Every company I work with, in the beginning, says they understand exactly where they are, how they got there, and the areas they need to focus on the most.

And every company leaves absolutely blown away they did not have a good perspective on where they are or what the main issues and opportunities are.

More importantly, they leave with