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Chris LoCurto


April 1, 2013

Debt Limit: How To Increase Yours

I couldn’t help but post this great and informative piece on increasing your debt limit. Let me know if this works for you.

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Question: Does any of this sound familiar? How do you feel about it? 

  • Kathy Leicester

    Man, that’s funny! Well acted, particularly on the part of the fellow who’s in debt. The tone was perfect because it captures the spirit of what is, to my mind, actually happening. If it had been all mean, hard-core, in-your-face factual “WE’RE SPENDING OURSELVES INTO OBLIVION,” nobody would pay attention. I think we’ve become immune and perhaps somewhat cynical about our ability to influence the decisions made at any level of government.
    A year ago I might have been filled with angst about it, as the situation is dire, meaning B-A-D. Now, I’m happy to see this kind of creativity because then maybe our NEIGHBORS, who are the real issue, might understand that the decisions they make and the values they live by have consequences.

  • Jon Stolpe

    It ticks me off that this is the mentality in our government today.

  • Luke Stokes

    One of the many reasons everyone is talking about Bitcoin. I did a post on it last month on my blog for anyone interested. It’s a fascinating technology that could change the entire financial industry.

  • Robert Jacobs

    The sad part is that many Americans still don’t get it. That is why we have our current elected officials.

  • Tamara Young Dillon

    I gave you a shout out tag in my blog
    See you later this month!

  • Melissa Kinsey

    Debt and bankruptcy have become socially acceptable. As D.R. often points out, “Can I afford it?” now translates to, “Can I keep up with the minimum payments?” How many people do you know who claim to have cut their spending to the marrow, yet everyone in the family has an iPhone?

    • Laura Johnson

      It seems like many families are ruled by “but I want to!” instead of common sense… Having rights has turned into, “I deserve to have whatever I want” Sad.

  • Mark Sieverkropp

    That would be soooo hilarious, if it wasnt playing out in real life!
    And then you ask me how I feel about it?? Well, I feel like beating my head against a wall until I fall unconcious!
    Its unbelievable how stupid it all is…and the fact that grown (supposidly), mature (so they say) adults tout this as a legitimate, serious plan.

    • Laura Johnson

      Sorry to break it to you Skropp, but some “adults” act like two year olds… Imagine a two year old saying “Mine!” :)

  • DrMatt

    This is one of those videos that makes you want to laugh and cry at the same time.

    • Mark Sieverkropp

      so, so true.

  • Laura Johnson

    I would love to see hidden camera footage of someone attempting this at multiple banks.
    Society has trained most people to think they need/deserve things in life, that they really don’t. Which in turn helps them put blinders on to/not care about the future, how it affects others, natural consequences, and the greater impact. Sad.

    • Mark Sieverkropp

      Oh! I like that idea. just to show the ludicricy!

      • Laura Johnson

        You volunteering?? ;)

  • Rob McDowell

    Laugh, cry,laugh, cry, cry, cry…Oh the injustice! I have been the next generation that gets dumped on for the last 20 years…..stop it already!

  • Matt McWilliams

    Tara and I were watching that last week and I couldn’t help but watching a 2nd and 3rd time. Love it!

    • Mark Sieverkropp

      except the whole, bleeding from your eyeballs part, right?

  • Jana Botkin

    I need to go lie down for a bit. I’ll try to keep my thumb out of my mouth, but I might have to rock back and forth in the fetal position.

  • Lucas Camp

    I can’t understand why our elected officials can’t see and fix this problem. Where’s the leadership? Sometimes being a leader means you have to make tough choices. MAN UP!

  • Bob Winchester

    This was so funny, until I realized how applicable and scary it is.

  • Lily Kreitinger

    I think if more individual families got this and how scary and shocking it is, we wouldn’t be having a national debate on the subject, because everyone would see how stupid it is. There’s no way we would allow our elected officials to even think about it. As long as we live in the “everyone needs a car payment” mentality, we’re going to keep adding zeros at the end of that figure.

    • Bob Winchester

      Too bad our elected officials are too busy playing politics (on both sides) to really get to the heart of this problem.

    • Kathy Leicester

      Yep, agreed Lily. It’s our neighbors who squeal like pigs every time their WIC or SNAP or welfare payments are in danger of going away, and their well-meaning neighbors who think it’s the role of govt. to provide those things–it’s the people we work with and ride the bus with and shop with who are the ones we need to have some serious conversations with.

  • Joshua Rivers

    So all I have to do is take my kids in and I can get access to more debt? I got to find that bank, and fast! My son really loves writing his name. My daughter loves crayons. And they both love getting stuff with their name on it in the mail. It sounds like a win all around!

    OK. So I’m never going to throw my kids to the wolves like that, even if they’re wearing sheep’s clothes. Luckily we’re not in debt and we don’t plan on going back. Hopefully we’ll teach our kids the same as they grow up. Now if our country can just learn to do it.

  • Bret Wortman

    I want to laugh AND weep every time I see this. And every time, I run through the mental list of friends who I want to chain to a screen and force to watch it over and over until they get it. *Sigh*.

  • Ben

    The comical side of it just absolutely gets wiped away, when you realize how brutally true this really is. Sad. So sad.

    Bad stewardship, and yet this same mentality is still asking for more.

  • Mel

    And this is Dave Ramsey approved! WOW Where do I sigh?

    • Kathy Leicester

      You sigh right here, Mel, right with the rest of us!
      I think we ought to make this video a part of Ramsey counselor training.

  • C. Eric Brown

    I love the short film. I have shared it with others and for some the quick retort will be, “It isn’t that simple.” And while I think there is some truth there, I also believe that it is that simple, when we, as a nation, are ready to solve the problem.

    Thanks, Chris!

    • Jana Botkin

      I wish it could simply be dealt with by saying in a firm voice with a fierce expression, “STOP IT!” It is that simple. Stop spending and do it now.

      • Kathy Leicester

        Spoken like a true Ramsey devotee, Jana!
        “STOP IT!” That’s my advice.

        • Jana Botkin

          Kathy, you think if enough of us got together and did a collective “STOP IT” that Congress would do it? Sort of like a group debt-free scream. . . dream on, eh?