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Chris LoCurto


January 15, 2013

Lisa Earle McLeod Interview

January 15, 2013 | By | 626 Comments">626 Comments

In this week’s episode of the EntreLeadership Podcast, I interview Lisa Earle McLeod, author of Selling With Noble Purpose.

If you can’t see the graphic, click here.

There are not a lot of sales books that I promote, but this is one of them! I truly believe that teaching sales tactics is a small portion of what you need to succeed. Which is why I love Lisa’s book.

On top of that, Lisa is giving away her Manager’s Video Book, a $99 value, for FREE!

If you would like to receive a free copy of Lisa’s Manager’s Video Book, you must first:

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I will send you the link and password as soon as possible. :-)

Question: Why would you like Lisa’s Video Book?

  • James Garlin

    I never stop learning, especially when it comes to best practices. I just heard the interview two-and-a-half years later, and think that the advice she gave in your interview is timeless and priceless.

  • lawrenceVEP

    I would like Lisa’s book because Lisa and Chris opened up a lot of issues my company has been having around sales people not being able to “hit their numbers”. I need to find the right mix between giving them the reality of what their contribution needs to be and keeping them unafraid and dedicated to the customer.

  • Seth

    I’d like to learn to coach a team of independent distributors.

  • Seth

    To coach me as I advise a team of independent distributors achieve their goals by helping others.

  • Jennifer Bailey

    I’d love to have Lisa’s research and video information. As a coach, selling with a noble purpose really speaks to me. Thanks for the sharing the good word!

  • Wow, can’t believe I missed this podcast. Even though it’s “old” is hugely relevant information. I want to develop a stronger NSP.

  • Krista

    I would like her Audio Book because I was so inspired to change the way I lead my sales team JUST from the information she shared in this short interview. I need MORE of her incredible insight. This is going to change EVERYTHING for my team! I am so excited to take this new approach to sales and leadership.

  • Jaha Knight

    I would like Lisa’s book because I love the idea of selling by serving and it is one of my foundational business principles.

  • Michael Wolfington

    I recently purchase the books for my management team. We are all in!

  • Jarrell Hunter

    I was introduced to the EntreLeadership Podcast by my CEO and came across this purposeful interview in an area that I’ve been personally challenged for nearly four years in the organization I serve in. While listing to this interview I realized I’ve be missing the boat! As a young professional early in my career grasping this concept and implementing this invaluable information that Lisa is speaking to will not only change my career and life but the organization I work for and the individuals we serve now and lives we will change in the future! I know I’m nearly 2 years late but I truly believe in the principal that if you ask not you have not. I’m begging, please consider my post and bless me with your Sales Manger video to transform myself as a Sales Leader and our organization. Thanks for your consideration and all you do!

  • Carson Snipes

    While I am not a salesperson, I recognize that sales is a very important part of my life. I am interested to learn how a sales manager should respond to different situations and use that information to help guide how I should respond to things as well. I see this Video Book as a potentially valuable tool for my career.

  • Joy Poulsen

    I loved listening to the podcast with Lisa and the point about finding your sense of purpose and leading with that is the game changer. I’d love to learn more and would appreciate the video series.

  • Matt

    I’ve been in sales for 6 years and I and want to learn not only to be the best sales person I can be but I want to lead an effective sales team. I’ve had so many bad managers that focus on the numbers, on the results, even on the behaviors, but none of them have led by connecting what we do as sales people to how we help our customers in a way that would inspire even the most entrenched sales hating person to want to aspire to become something so noble and so valuable.

  • Nicole Carlson

    it’s amazing how once you starting looking for information, its like magic how the right stuff appears at the right time… I’ve been working as an owner/operator for the past 10 years & although I knew what my purpose was, I never expressed it fully to myself or to my staff… this podcast, simple & elegant as it was, and with countless hours of books & trainings, no one has said it quite as simply as Lisa – but maybe I was finally ready to hear her words. anyways, I believe her video book will contain some really great advice & techniques, & as a leader, I’m finally ready to listen, learn & train myself & my staff!

  • Brad Draeger

    I would like to transition to a sales role. I have been working in a sales organization for 2 years and learning the ropes. This video book interests me to the challenges that face a sales manager. This will help me in my quest for excellence.

  • Caroline

    I’m not sure if this is still going, but I thought I’d see. I am a veterinarian running a new clinic, trying to teach my assistants that selling our products and preventative care packages is in the best interest of the pet. I am a new graduate leading for the first time and looking for ANY pointers I can get.

  • I’d like to share it with the sales team at my workplace. I think it’s something they could greatly benefit from.

    • PS: I filled out the form but it said I was already subscribed.

  • Dru

    To better train myself and staff on the purpose of our business

  • Levar

    I’ve had many challenges as an entrepreneur in the way of sales. I understand the importance of serving others, passion and purpose, but haven’t been able to effectively communicate that with my team in the past.

  • Rachel Spencer

    This is so great! Before listening to this approach, I listened to a podcast that was all about manipulation. This approach resonates so much more with me because it’s about being real and authentic.

  • Alan

    We currently have a sales staff without a sales manager. This would be very helpful when speaking with the president of the company.

    Thank you.

  • n_mdriver

    I am a recruiter and a selling manager. What sets me apart is my passion for making a positive difference in the lives of others. I think Lisa’s documented proof would allow me to provide evidence of my success to my team.

  • Kevin Shryock

    Chris, I know it’s late in the year but I just got around to listening to this podcast and I can’t say how much it means to me to hear this perspective on sales. I am currently aspiring to be a plant or general manager in the future and I will need to know how to prove my sales ability in the mean time. If you could still send the link I would be so excited. Thank you.

  • Athena Murphy

    Every time I listen to this interview again, I get a great new nugget at a deeper level. No better way to spend my commute. Can’t wait to read the book! Chris, thanks for finding me the perfect sales expert, and Lisa, thank you for what you’ve brought to the nobel art of sales.

    • Athena Murphy

      So why I want the video book is Lisa’s stand for purpose, and the way she articulates it, is so clear. I’ve heard people use the same idea before, but they weren’t really powerful and they didn’t have her clarity. She’s got this thing at a deeper level than most other sales coaches I’ve heard and I want her clarity to show up in my performance!

  • scottp

    I’m still catching up on all of the podcasts. This was a great one and I would love to use the vook as I start my company in order to ensure that it starts and stays a purpose driven organization rather than a profit driven one.

  • Ernie Tibbetts

    Àwesome interview. I like how you talked about connecting in the sales process

  • Toby Yorke

    I’m in sales and marketing exploring the idea of building a sales team and some of the subjects mentioned by Lisa in the videos appealed to me

  • Kelli Claypool

    Your interview with Lisa has left me craving for more. Lisa’s no-nonsense style is refreshing, on point, and exactly what I needed to hear. I would love to get my hands on her Manger’s Video Book. Thank you so much for making this possible, Chris!


    Hi Chris, I was so pumped up after listening to the podcast. I would enjoy viewing her video series as I can never learn enough regarding principles and values. As a business coach for entrepreneurs who have failed, I am most interested in helping them have a sales process that has value beyond money. Accountability starts at the top and I believe this video series will be most helpful. Note: I also purchased her book!

    Thank you Chris


  • Opplestein

    I am a sales leader with 25 hotels and want to offer one of my 3-P’s to my sales/ops team. I found Lisa’s podcast to be enlightening and engaging and a must do as soon as possible.

  • Scott

    Hey Chris,

    I am working on making a change from individual contributor to sales manager. Loved the Entreleadership podcast and would like to learn more.

  • Alejandro Sanchez

    I am in the military and I have been soaking up great information most of which has come from the books and programs recommended by your guests. Lisa’s podcast is one of my favorites. I want to hit the ground running when my time in the military is up in two years and I can bolt into my entrepreneurial portion of my life. God bless and thank you.

  • David

    I want to help our team raise their sights toward the “why” and empower all of them to feel comfortable and assured in our larger purpose.

  • Webmail brackencj

    I was truly inspired by the podcast. I never thought that you could sell with a noble purpose until I heard this. I lead a region for a medical capital equipment company and this would make a tremendous difference in how we currently sell and lead our teams.

  • Melitsa

    So many rich take aways and ideas to really chew on. I’ve not heard things like this before so glad I tuned in. I love the legacy idea.

  • Taylor

    I just started listening to the podcast, this sounds exactly like what we can use to help our outside sales staff.

  • Mike

    As a fellow entrepreneur, these podcasts have influenced and changed my life

  • Kathy Wood Presbaugh

    The organization I work for doesn’t really have a sales manager as you describe. I want improve as a sales person and I want to help my fellow sales reps at my company. I am loving “Selling With Noble Sales Purpose” and want more! I’ve tried to click and fill out contact form, but I can’t seem to get that to work.

  • Joel Duguay

    I am a small business owner and need to teach my sales force this amazing approach to serving.

  • Heather McKinney Osgood

    I would love Lisa’s video book because I’ve been a small business owner for eight years and I’ve NEVER heard anything like this. Management is difficult but managing a sales team is near impossible! I’ve search high and wide for material just like this and I’m sooo excited to have found a resource that is certain to make a difference in my business! Thank you so much! Heather Osgood- Simply Clear Marketing, inc

  • Tata Dc

    Fantastic podcast! Clear and simple information. Definite ah ha moment. Can’t wait to implement more of a servant attitude.

  • Bev

    I would like and value the book to learn more about integrating servant sales and leadership into our culture and team. I truly believe in servant leadership. Thank you, Bev

  • Z

    Just listened to the podcast & I loved it. I learned so much & I know the book will have much more useful information I can put to use immediately. Thank you!!

  • Leon S.

    I am passionate about leadership and continuous improvement. I am on a path to becoming an Air Force Officer and I want to be the best I can be. My wife has written a memoir on eating disorders and has an amazing purpose and passion behind it. I am interested in the video book as an inspiration in developing tools and techniques for increasing win-rates in our endeavors. I especially believe that it will be beneficial for my wife in selling her passion and purpose in helping those with eating disorders.

  • Wes Good

    Because everyone’s in sales and I want to teach my team some basic sales skills

  • Brett Pfister

    I work at We will be relaunching our website with tons of new features this week, and we want to serve our customers to the best of our ability. We have transformed our business culture by Dave’s help, and we discuss your podcasts every week in Wednesday meetings.

  • Joel

    I am a small business owner and feel I am a top seller but I need to be able to teach others in our business how to sell with purpose.

  • soxfangary

    I just heard the podcast this afternoon and I want to know more! Thanks!

  • David

    I got talked into doing sales A few months ago And I’m loving it but I have lots to learn

  • I just listened to this podcast this weekend, and got really jazzed by the content. I am the Marketing Director for a company with over 80 sales reps and my company is guilty of many of the sales issues that Lisa Earle McLeod describes. I downloaded both podcasts and gave them on a CD already to two of the sales managers, because I thought what Lisa said was so golden. I would love to share these videos with the sales teams.

  • Always trying to learn more to improve myself and our team. This sounds like a great resource.

  • Cale

    I am taking on sales manager responsibilities in a small business and would love to instill these principles into our company. Our goal is to help others and we need to keep that in focus.

  • Sean diedel

    I would like Lisas video book because as a future entepreneur I need to learn more about selling, but more specifically selling with a purpose and serving others. No other book ive found offers that.

  • My wife and I are Ca. State employees. We have a wine grape vineyard. Over the past three years we have established a wine inventory. In a few months we are opening up a tasting room. Our goal is to teach people how to enjoy wine as a part of there daily meals. Enhancing food quality and friendships. We are focusing on a sales staff now.

  • After serving as an officer in the Air Force for 12 years, I’m making a transition to lead in the civilian workforce on 16 Aug 2013. I’ve read every book suggested by Dave Ramsey an his team and I can’t get enough! This video book will be a great addition to my education as I continue to prepare for this transition.

  • Bobby Ogden

    I like online learning and I’m interested in materials that will help our small business. Thanks.

  • NM

    I am new to the sales role and after hearing this pod cast I want more! I believe my sales manager has the intent of what Lisa says, because I have heard him speak to service selling. I also hear a lot of numbers and when is it closed questions. This book may be the bridge I have needed. Thanks for all you guys do for us!

  • Greg G

    I have been in Sales now for 10 years. I have had Zero sales training but some leadership training in the past. After listening to Lisa’s podcast. I was so energized! I realized I was doing somethings right and other areas I can certainly improve upon. I want to not be just a top performer but the best performer. I want to be an inspiration for the rest of my peers and our company. This podcast made me want more! Thank you Chris, Team, and guests for all your Service! GG

  • Steve R

    I want to learn how to sell. I find it hard to make my self do it possibly because I haven’t developed my good reason for selling.

  • Rick

    I’m tired of trying to fit into the typical mold of salesman when logic suggests a more authentic natural approach.

  • Tony

    The information on company culture and especially purpose is right on…outstanding

  • i can appreciate Lisa’s enthusiasm and sincere message. As a student of life and small business owner, the idea of NSP is innovative, yet simple enough to apply. Keeping people in the forefront of my brain, gives more meaning to a rather ordinary work life; a life lived with purpose.

  • Hunt

    Def want the videos! Perfect podcast as I am in medical device sales!

  • Like Dan said, I too am a learner. I wear many hats in our company, and now I am putting on the marketing/sales hat for the first time.

  • Anthony Inzirillo

    I listened to this podcast for a second time today and learned even more than the first. I would love to hear more from Lisa. This has changed how I work each day.

  • I’m so excited to watch the videos. I’m new to sales at a small startup and I’m hoping the lessons I learn from Lisa will help me not only take our company to the next level on the sales front but also help train our growing sales force. Thanks!

  • We strongly sense the veracity of Lisa’s study findings and her sales growth guidance. We would be pleased to study her material in more depth, and thank her and you for making this valuable content available!

  • KD

    Very inspirational message. I am a work for a pharma company and the nobel purpose permeates our work ethic

  • Bryan

    I enjoyed the knowledge shared in the podcast and would like to continue growing as a business owner and leader as I lead my fledgling startup.

  • This is my favorite interview by far. I learned so much that I have started implementing today. I want to continue to grow my team.

  • Chris Snyder

    I have always been excellent with selling services to my customers with their needs in-mind first… so much so that I’ve given away the farm. I’m several years into my business, tons of customers, but poor financial management and I do not close quality sales. Recently went through FPU with my wife… lots of changes at home, and also in the business. In the process, I’ve swung clear to the other end of the scale, where now I’m all concerned about my numbers, quotas, and ME. I’ve been facing a lot of fear, lately, too. Listening to Lisa’s interview and extended interview both today got me thinking that I need some coaching to help bring me back to the middle, so that while I’m implementing much of Dave’s basics into my personal and business life, I don’t leave my gift of customer service behind in the process. And, get fear off the table. Absolutely loved listening to her today.

  • MrViking

    I would like Lisa’s book bc I just hired my first salesman and am 101% committed to making it a fantastic experience for him, our customers and the company.

  • Mow-N-Snow

    I need to learn more and have something my wife and I can work on together. Working toward that debt free scream. Getting closer

  • Pianoxcape

    I’m new as a professional “sales manager” and could really use some pointers to help the team become more effective! From listening to the podcast, sounds like Lisa could REALLY help me! Thanks!
    – Gary

  • TyAnn Osborn

    I LOVED Lisa’s interview! What an amazing way to quantify that intangible sales quality that makes a difference. I’ve already shared this with my husband and other salesmakers. Thanks Chris for the podcast and excellent thoughts on leadership!

  • MLEbarnes

    I am challenged as a sales manager on finding the balance between showing my team the revenue growth of our services and showing them how what we do truly makes a difference. It seems when my team sells they forget the purpose and when they think about the purpose they are challenged to sell. I want to learn how to not let me team get lost in the word “sell” and help them to see that the purpose alone can sell itself when delivered correctly.

  • Glen Sweitzer Jr

    I love to sell but would love to TEACH people to sell in my organization!

  • Jeff F

    Lisa’s interview was fantastic. I spent 20 years in the automotive industry and the industry sorely needs to take Lisa’s advice.

  • Barb

    I am a Customer Operations Manager. During my recent mid-year review and succession planning discussion with my manager, I was surprised for him to challenge me in a future postion as Sales Manager. After chewing on this new development for a few days, I’m getting more and more intrigued with the possibility. It’s been many years since I’ve held a sales position. I’d like to be strategic about this and would obviously need to brush up on the talents of the position. I truly enjoyed Lisa’s interview and felt that this offer was exactly the learning opportunity for me. Thanks for bringing such a great podcast to your listeners.

  • Hey, this is great interview, congrats for that and thank you for the amazing change of perspective about sales approach.
    I would like a copy of Lisa videos.

  • Awesome Interview! I would like a copy of Lisa’s videos

  • I am looking at hiring a new sales person. This will come in handy for training and starting off right!

  • Matt Griffith

    Love the noble purpose motivation. It made me rethink how I ask people to partner with me in ministry.

  • Axel Burgos

    Hi. I would like a copy of Lisa’s videos. ;)

  • Eric

    I really enjoyed the podcast. I’m an engineer, and we struggle with sales and marketing in general. I would love to have the video book to learn more, and see where we can implement these practices at our firm!

  • Aglight63

    I’m starting a Computer repair business and even though it will be primarily a service business, I see the significance and value of having a “noble sales purpose”

  • clabow

    Lisa’s interview was a revelation. For me it articulated many of the ideas I’ve had over the years about service to the customer being the best path to success rather than just driving numbers. I manage in a company that is very number oriented but I think I can use Lisa’s concepts to help filter some of that message while continuing to grow and my business.

  • I’m a few weeks behind others in EntreLeadership Podcast listening, but perhaps this was by design. The timing was perfect to hear Lisa Earle Mcleod’s message. She woke up my passion for purpose in doing business. I can’t wait to watch the Videos and to research her availability to speak to my business development team.

  • Becuase she is a great teacher and I would like to apply her wisdom to the work I do

  • Jon Gurney

    This interview was amazing. i learned so much and I can’t wait to view the Sales Manager Video Book. I am anxious to see what more I could be doing to motivate my team. Thanks.

  • Loved this podcast! Would love to learn more of Lisa’s insights in to transforming our business from a commodity driven sales environment to a solutions/service driven environment.

  • Ken

    To motivate my sales team

  • In process of starting a business. This podcast was one of the best yet. We have a “noble purpose”, and I’d love to learn more from Lisa. Thank you!

  • Scott

    Awesome Interview, refreshing view on sales! I already purchased the book and can’t wait to read it.

  • Steve Hopkins

    Sales is NOT manipulation! In the Marine Corp everyone is a rifleman first. I want my team to know and understand that sales is a noble profession and we sell more than cutting the grass.

  • Harold Haynes

    I am struggling with getting our sales manager to see things in a different perspective. The information in the podcast was AWESOME! I belive the vbook would help me to relay my message to my manager as well as become a much better servant to my customers.

  • Best podcast yet! Very unique perspective that everyone in sales should hear. I would love to see the videos and apply these principles within my small business.

  • Best podcast yet! Very unique perspective that everyone is sales should hear.

  • I am a manager at a Fortune 500 Company that can really use the insights and professional outlook that Lisa has deemed worthy for our Salesforce.

  • Awesome podcast. Thanks Lisa and Chris!

  • The interview was amazing. I run a small business and found the idea to be instantly applicable. I would love to see the videos. Thanks,
    George B.

  • We are all in sales on some level and I really enjoyed the interview. The approach she shared about the pharmaceutical rep was refreshing and really got me thinking how to apply that to teaching the sales reps that I manage.

  • I recently had a team member quit. I’m sure I did not properly equip him to sell. I want to educate myself so that I can better teach people to sell and I feel these principles will really help me to do that.

  • Chandler

    Started listening to the podcast this week and I’m hooked. This is my favorite and can’t wait to share with my sales team

  • DJ

    I have a web/software business that I truly want to take to the next level in serving more businesses with IT

  • MaRX-7

    I’m preparing to open my own business and am always trying to learn more about the ways to be a better leader.

  • RoryPeebles

    I would like to have Lisa’s Video Book because of how just her one interview with Chris has already provided me with a fresh perspective on “selling”. I’m excited to see more and how that will impact my effectiveness out in the field.

  • I would love to learn more about sales. Being in health care, I have always hated the thought of “selling” my patients on anything but Lisa has helped me understand how important it is to sell them on buying in if they really want to take control of their health long term.

  • Melea

    I would love the book to take my selling approach to the next level.

  • jeremy sargent

    I am a beginner. I am in the infant stages of growing my business and I would really love to have a better grasp on grappling with sales and management. Keep the great podcasts coming!

  • Kim R.

    Chris, your podcast with Lisa was amazing. I would like a copy of her video book because as a small business owner and single mom I have no interest in reinventing the wheel on having success to increasing sales. I want to learn from someone who has already achieved the success I desire.

  • Jennifer R

    Question: Why would you like Lisa’s Video Book?

    I love the EntreLeadership podcasts! I am a multi-business owner, and love to expand on my knowledge of sales, and create a better, more efficient way to lead my team as well as close sales!

  • Michelle Nichol

    We went to the EntreLeadership Master Series in Orlando in October and have implemented a lot of new great changes. We also read a collection of books and this book would be a great addition to our teams readings.

  • I represent a company that has an all natural product that can transform the lives of people who suffer from chronic diseases. But more importantly, it can dramatically improve the income of the persons who share it with others. It’s a way for average people to escape the current downward slide in the economy without a lot of personal financial risk. I want to learn how to effectively share the message.

  • Mike Miller

    Loved the interview and look forward to learning more from Lisa on the purpose driven marketing. Thanks for the information

  • Mike Miller

    Loved Lisa’s interview and look forward to using her wisdom on the topic of being a effective sales manager with a purpose

  • My organization really need to listen to this interview, and watch those videos. We have a noble purpose, but like all great businesses with great people in them, we can forget.

    I really want to watch these videos. This was one of the top 3 EntreLeadership podcast episodes for myself and the impact it had on my thinking.

  • Loved the podcast with Lisa and looking forward to reading her book and implementing things. Bring on 2013!!

  • I hope this offer is still open. I am a one man shop that has to do the paperwork, the technical stuff and the selling. The part of the interview that perked my ears is when you were talking about buying a car. My customers are the dealers. Very tough lot to deal with. The dollar is always the focus. Not the, how can we make our vehicles better than the competitions? I need all the help I can get. Thank you.

  • I was just listening again and am so inspired by Lisa’s podcast I really would LOVE the “Vook” – Thank you!

  • Lisa’s interview inspired me to re-evaluate my approach to the sales process and make sure that I consciously cultivate a sense of higher purpose in serving my customers. I’d like to see what the videos offer to take what I’ve learned further.

  • I just listened to the interview, am thinking about buying the book and would like to add this video book. Please send me the link! Thanx!

  • I just listened to this episode going to and coming from a sales call. Great, great stuff. One of my favorite of all time, yo!

  • Candice

    I am trying to transform our business from the ground up as the upper part does not see the need for improvement. We live on the mentality of the lovely shirt; you lack of planning does not constitute an emergency on my part…. because when everything is an emergency its hard to get worked up about it. We are in a constant state of reactive instead of proactive!

  • Tom Bouch

    Great interview. I am looking for my noble selling purpose.

  • DagnyOH

    We are working through what Andy Grove calls a strategic inflection point in our business, and as leaders we need to be more cognizant of the message we are sending. Lisa’s video can help those of us who don’t perceive ourselves to be strong at sales to still be effective sales managers.

  • Andrew

    I just listened to the interview, purchased the book and would like to add this video book.

  • Mick

    Thought the podcast was great. I love to learn, and am interested in getting further insight into her approach to sales.

  • Randy Fornoff

    My small family contracting business is greatly helped by the experiences from the likes of Lisa, Chris, and Dave. Thank you greatly for sharing. My goal is to learn gentle ways to manage bothers and sons to a higher purpose of selling and delivering painting services.

  • Grant L

    I am an engineer by training and really enjoyed the Podcast. I have been working on overcoming my tendencies as an introvert as I help as a technical contact for Sales. This information is rocket fuel to my effort to get to the point where I am truly helping our customers by helping them understand that they want/need to own our products to solve their problems, not just to keep us in business or line our pockets. Taking the customer perspective, among the other tools, is a great approach for developing long term customers, which we all need.

  • As a leader of a sales team, I listen to all your podcasts. This one was right up there with your best!

  • Jenn

    I loved the discussion on how to get your mind right before going into a new customer. I often speak to my reps right before they are go in and now i have something motivational to say to them before they do.
    I am 90% self taught in business and marketing and much of it comes from the books and guests you introduce me to. Thank you.

  • I’m excited to hear all of her sales managing tips!

  • Chris, I work at a social media marketing start up. As we grow I want to be able to instill these values and lessons into the training materials I am developing for new hires. That is why I would love to listen to the training videos.

  • Deanna Turner

    I love and live by the Selling with Noble Purpose concept. I am building a library of resources to assist in my role as a Sales Professional and would love to add your video collection! Thank you for an outstanding podcast!

  • David

    What a great interview. I always wanted to help customers, but this interview has provided me with positive insights on how to begin to serve my customers.

  • I have a heart for service. I’m looking forward to the lessons in the vook and how they can be applied immediately. Love what Lisa is doing with the message of sales through service.

  • Jeffrey Verlander

    I listened to the podcast and truly believe that having a noble selling purpose pushes sellers to make a difference in their areas of influence. I work in retail and I believe that this will help my team as we sell the products that we offer.

  • Scarlett

    This was a great interview. Very inspiring. Would love to see how to use this in building our department.

  • J. Demond Roland

    NSP is a powerful principle! I believe this is the secret to success, making the connection between your passion & purpose to serve others. You can have everything you want if you help others get what they what they want!

  • Would love Lisa’s video book to help me learn more about putting people first and not focusing on th numbers game. Need help and am a sponge lol this podcast hit home for me, and I need to go back to how I originally was by focusing on the people and not the dollar.

  • Brian S

    Love the podcast and the message. Thanks for making this available.

  • Jose Alvarez

    This way os thinking is something is great and I want to learn more.

  • The Lisa McLeod interview hit home for me. The “noble purpose” question will be used in my interview process…thanks!

  • Lisa’s interview hit home for me, I have tried several methods of motivating my sales team with little success. The “noble purpose” question will now be a part of my interview process.

  • I am a business owner who wants to learn how to sale effectively! This podcast was amazing and has me inspired to want to learn more about not focusing on numbers but
    changing customer’s life for the better.

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    I’ve quickly become a big fan of these podcasts Chris.
    Please keep them going! They are a wealth of knowledge.

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    Thanks so much!

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  • As a pastor, I encourage our members to help people share what God is doing through them, when they encourage new members to join. This gets to the purpose of why the current members are indeed members. Not about what the church does for me, but about how I am gifted to serve others.

  • Sophia Sizemore

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    I work on a sales team in a large corporation but am more passionate about leading people and helping them reach their potentiol. I’m so excited to receive Lisa’s video package. I have no doubt that it will not only help me in my current sales position, but it will help to prepare me for taking the next step within my organization.

    Thanks for all you do. I love the podcast and recommend it to everyone I know. Keep up the amazing work!

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  • Wilbert Fobbs

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  • The company I work for in China has been struggling to get sales growing since the beginning 7 years ago. We tend to focus only on the numbers and then make excuses to the effect of “multinationals can’t compete on price locally”. This podcast was extremely inspirational and although I don’t directly control sales believe we can make some changes internally and achieve the success we have been dreaming of. I am in the process of downloading the book to my Kindle and can’t wait to watch the “Vook”!

  • B. Thesing

    I listened to the podcast and it articulated exactly how I am wired vs how my employer views sales! Great stuff!

  • There’s always something to learn. We sell things everyday whether we want to or not. Why not do it effectively and efficiently?

  • Montcrozby

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    I really thought it was the essential element in breaking into sales the right way. If you don’t have a noble purpose long range, you aren’t working for the right reasons.

  • Mark Prahm

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  • Great interview with Lisa Earle Mcleod! I think selling with a purpose will make a big impact on my business. Thanks.

  • Great interview.
    It gave voice to all the objections I’ve had to “sales” and gave me hope that sales is not a dirty word.
    You don’t have to pay me to tell people about things that I love and believe in… Getting paid is a bonus. I can’t and won’t sell if the motivation is making money.

    I am just starting to realize how much I need to know on this topic. I trust Lisa and would love to learn from her book.

  • This is likely too late….but I’m just now finishing the interview, and I loved it. I totally see what she’s talking about, and I want to learn how to build NSP into my company, and share the same ideas with my clients who are also working hard to improve sales for their company. This book would be a great way to get that process started.

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    Love the idea of having a purpose instead of focusing on the sale. We know our purpose but keeping this in the forefront and focusing on this, especially with our team, would be huge for us. And to remember we are here to educate them also…the client will end up selling themselves! Thanks for all podcasts. We listen to these over and over and each time we hear something we didn’t hear before. Ya’ll are awesome!!

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  • What an inspiring interview. This podcast has helped me with personal growth a ton, thank you for doing it. I am a sales guy and recently left the big company with the”secure” job for a job where I am creating the sales program for startup company (dream job, thank you John Acuff, Quitter has helped me tremendously with making this transition). Things are going well, but when I heard her describe the top sales people and what inspires them in my head I was screaming “that’s me, that’s me!”

    So to answer the question I have read books from several authors in the six months I have been listening to this podcast and have seen tremendous personal and professional growth, I know that this is another one that will also help me grow as a person but also help me keep my motivations for selling in line with what the author recommends.

  • I would definitely love to receive a free copy of Lisa McCleod’s video book! If it’s half as good as the information she provided in the EntreLeadership interview (and it would have to be, because she was responding to questions so adroitly on-the-fly, which shows an incredible depth of knowledge and experience), it would be well worth the time to learn from!

  • Jon-marc

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    Thank you!

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    In sales, customers buy you, and ultimately buy “why” you do what you do. Selling with Noble Purpose should be a roadmap to your “why”

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    Zig Ziglar said it best, “You can have anything you want in life if you will help enough other people get what they want!”

    The “if” part of that quote is where we , on purpose, to go about wanting to help others first…then we can go to the pay window.

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  • Loved the podcast on sales with a purpose! I have been telling my family and friends about the light bulb moment when I realized that I have been searching for that purpose in my career! I would love to see more of what Lisa has to say on the topic. It is not just about sales… it is about our happiness in whatever job we may have!

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    I would like to watch Lisa’s Video Book, so I can re-assure my company’s noble purpose, as well as to extend and improve where needed. Thanks!

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  • I work in a small cleaning business, we clean office buildings, churchesand schools. When I heard that Lisa was offering her knowledge on sales to your listeners for free I jumped at the occasion to learn more. Noble selling purpose is so true. I was thinking what my noble selling purpose could be and came up with several ideas. I sell to employ more people, and to offer exceptional service to churches and schools in our area. I want to define my selling purpose so that when I knock on the next door I will know why I am selling. Thanks for your offer.

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    I lead a small team of sales people and co-lead a larger team, in the auto finance industry. As I listened to Lisa share, I thought she had been reading my personal journal, because she dealt with the issues that I fight through on a daily basis. My heart and passion for people has often been a struggle to fight for in the midst of the “sales world”. I would love to share the concept of having a “Noble Sales Purpose” and her concise delivery, with the President and COO of the company I am committed to growing in the right direction.

    One of the senior leaders in my cmopany recently said, “The three biggest assets of any company are: People, people, people.” I want to use the ideas Lisa shared, as the core value that needs to become a reality for our company, so that we prove that our team’s “people” and our “customer-people” are truly what matter.

    Your podcast and these amazing cameos have made an extraordinary impact on me. Properly directed, solid inspiration are the results of all you bring, for me. Thank you!
    ~Ashley C. Smith
    Regional Sales Manager
    CIG Financial, Irvine, CA

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    Life is about growing and this book looks like a great opportunity to grow into a better relationship with clients and selling in general let alone helping connect your job with a life purpose.

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    Another insightful cast with a great guest. Thanks Chris

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  • I was a sales manager once. That is why I have not been a sales manager twice.

    I don’t necessarily plan on ever doing it again, BUT I know there is valuable wisdom in there so I will definitely read it.

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  • The podcast and interview was great. I’ll definitely be picking up her book but any other resources, such as her video book, would be incredible.
    For my personal interests I have no problem with a NSP such as why I coordinate FPU, but in my job I have a very difficult time defining it. I hope this video book will help me develop that.

  • Dale Robertson

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    Love your podcast!

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    Thanks for all that you do.

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    Since I’ve been out of sales as making a living for several years now, I’ve felt myself slipping in my ability to ‘close a deal’ in any sense.

    I’d love to watch these videos to re-energize my personal relationships and help to define for myself a purpose greater than myself.

    Thanks for the podcast, Chris and Lisa!!

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    Thanks for all you guys do and for all the great content you provide to us.

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  • Lisa’s message echoes much of Rabbi Lapin’s message. If I had the luxury of time, it would be interesting to go back through all the podcasts and see how many other interviewees had the same message. In fact, service is one of the primary themes throughout this blog!

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  • I really want to learn more about selling. I have been involved with high pressure sales early in my work experience and it was in conflict with my ethics. I am starting another business and want to establish a corporate culture that is respected. By learning how to sell appropriately and training my business partners, we will be able to help our customers more effectively. I really liked this podcast and the car salesman story. It reminds me of an important question, “do you want to sell a car to one person, or to their kids, grand kids, great grand kids, aunts, uncles and social circles.” I have been raised to be extremely ethical and loyal. Before listening to the EntreLeadership podcast, I didn’t think it was possible create a large corporation that kept its values and ethics. It is impossible, IMPOSSIBLE to become successful if you are trying to sell people stuff they don’t need. Yes you may become rich but for me that doesn’t mean success. Your organization has set the standard for us to follow and I appreciate you showing the success that can come from helping people and doing the right thing. Business and Leadership isn’t something that a person can just learn in school and know, it has to be exercised by continuous training. In my experience I am always the leader but I became that by following and doing whats best for my team. Being a leader isn’t easy, I often tell my circle that it is a responsibility and I wouldn’t do it if someone else stepped up and wanted too. When my circles look to me, I choose to act and help them instead of running away. I’m not sure if my leadership strategy is the most effective but I feel like the best way to lead is to always be an example of how to act and what to do so that when they are in situations they can think, “what would he do”. Thanks again, I appreciate all of your hard work and God bless.

  • I am just going back into a Sales role so timing is perfect. Seemingly few sales people get the whole “serving others” concept so I’d like to be one of the exceptions. Really enjoy the podcast. Keep up the great work!

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    • Good for you Kim! I’ve also noticed that teaching others in your workplace is another great way to learn. Good luck!

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    I am currently working on growing a team of Financial Planners helping families using FPU principles. We love what we do, but are always looking for more ways to help more people.

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    I used to work in Pharma and can attest to what Lisa is saying in the podcast. I can tell you that I was “rockstar” at one drug, because I believed in it. I was lousy at another because I didn’t. So simple!

    I think the tough thing is for those in leadership positions (with driver personality types) to get behind this kind of thinking. They are set on the JUST DO IT mentality, but people are more complicated than that. Just a little more. ;)

    Great work as usual Mr. CLo!

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    I would like lisas video book because, she is changing the concept of selling. Adding value and creating a purpose for yourself in life will ultimately lead you to being happy, that is what everyone strives, for, to be happy.

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    This video book product, sounds like great practical training I need to add quality sales skills. I think it would help me and my future customers a great deal.

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    I would love to get this to help with my sales and marketing as I get started with my business. I don’t plan on doing sales myself (I know, we’re all in sales…), but might be managing sales as things grow. I would also share the things I learn on my blog.

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    • It great that you’re starting young! Keep it up!

  • My church wants to expand its mission her idea of passion is what made me excited. What can we do for people, not increase membership.

  • A very ‘successful’ sales associate friend tells me I am not a sales person. I know he probably has good reason for saying this, but the idea of purpose-driven work resonates with me. I am finding all of the EntreLeadership podcasts inspirational. After Financial Peace, my wife and I are still working toward small business goals and i believe Lisa’s videos will be a great help to both of us.

  • Joshdana2010

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  • Keren

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  • As a sales manager I love this focus on a noble sales purpose. Our company provides incredible products and services that have completely changed and made other businesses extremely successful…yet it is so easy to get sucked into the numbers to hit this quarters quota or to win another Presidents Circle trip – It is so important to stay focused on the client and on making them as successful as possible so they can have prosperous lives and bless their families and live their dreams.

  • This interview/podcast with the previous podcast with Rabbi Lappin was like a 1-2 punch in all the best meaning of this phrase! Loved to go a bit deeper on how service through selling from Lisa and Dave on this podcast continued what serving others bringing in money from Rabbi Lappin said. NSP is a great concept and I’ll take that with me today in my small business. Thank you Chris and Lisa! I also tweeted via @dnphotograph too – had to share this with all my business peers today:-)

    • I was thinking the same thing!

    • Steve Pate

      I’m right there with you! 2012 pod cast have been darn awesome, but man they are starting strong for 2013

  • Castenzio

    Our lives have a purpose, and in turn, our careers should also follow that purpose to serve people. Jesus said, “It’s better to give…”

    • He also said, “Give and it shall be given you…”

  • I love this information. As a top performer as a salesperson at one company or average at another I can look back and see a clear thread of purpose at the companies I succeeded at and a distinct lack at the ones I did not see the same success. Now as a Sales Leader for a start up I would love to grow our sales team the right way with Lisa’s generous gift.

  • GiovannaP

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  • EO

    Hi Chris – I love your Podcast. It hit home and the timing could not be any better. My team and myself are at a fork in the road because we work for a dynamic organization with an incredible product that changes lives significantly both for the doctor and the patient. In spite of this, the main focus has been numbers and quotas from the top down pretty aggressively which in any sales organization that is understandable, but we need a tool that will help us focus on our purpose or our NSP because there are many to focus on.

    If we do this, then our selling efforts will definitely be more fulfilling, productive and impactful. We would love this video series to learn and grow personally and as a team. I am a true believer of purpose and customer first and then everything follows accordingly much like Matthew 6:33 “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you.”

    Thank you – Eddie O

  • KhnumSpeaks

    I have been a long time Zig Zigglar fan (rest in peace Zig). I remember him saying, “Selling is not something you do to the customer, it is something you do for the customer.” I would like Lisa’s ‘video book’ so that I can continue to do something for my customers.

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  • Lauryn R

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    This book would help our team leader & sales team to
    sell with purpose & have a better/different attitude about selling.
    This is the biggest struggle in our company now
    McLeod’s could inspire our team to be more successful!

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    There’s a quick question I have: Is this being given away to a single ‘winner’, or is this going to be given to everyone who completes the three steps?

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    PS – wife and I are doing our DEBT FREE SCREAM in the studio on Feb 4! Crazy-excited!

    • Congrats on your debt free scream! working towards that ourselves

  • I would like Lisa’s video book because I am hoping to start a business, sales may be one of my weakest points, and I will take all the good help I can get.

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