472 | How To Spend More Time Preparing Than Executing

How much time do you usually spend planning and preparing before getting into the action?

Today, we’ll continue our special “How To” mini-series where we’ll deal with a single topic and go as deep as we can in just a few minutes. This time around, examining that rough tension that exists between doing and preparing for the execution of our tasks and duties.

You probably remember that old adage about how sharpening the ax helps to chop down trees. Well, there’s really no mystery there! But, how often do we actually put that concept into practice? I mean, the part about sharpening before chopping. Not often enough, right?

We lead lots of businesses through strategic planning processes every year, and I can tell you that whether business or personal, planning is essential to your success!

But, how do you carve out the right amount of time for planning and preparing vs. doing and executing? That’s what we dig into today!

Enjoy this episode,

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