How To Create a Legendary Brand with Brian Smith

how to create a legendary brand with Brian SMith

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Chances are you know someone with a pair of UGG boots. In fact, I think everyone on our team owns a couple pair!

Well, today we are talking to Brian Smith, Founder of UGG Boots.

Brian shares with us his secrets to creating a legendary brand. His stories on branding are amazing! You will definitely get a ton of ideas while listening.

We talk about entrepreneurship, overcoming fear, and how Brian launched his business with only $500!

If you’d like to get more branding tips and insight, be sure to sign up for a FREE Chapter of his new book on Branding over at

I’d love to know in the comments below how you are trying to brand your business?
What demographics are you targeting?



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3 thoughts on “How To Create a Legendary Brand with Brian Smith”

  1. Looking forward to listening to this interview Chris!

    My demographic is professionals who are also interested in video games. My branding includes inspirational quote images, but with a twist – the quotes are all form video games. I then explain the business ideas behind the quote. I also host a podcast, blog, and soon will publish a book filled with lessons on how video games help us be successful in real life. All this to support speaking & training on the same topics.

    I even have a video game inspired coffee recipe!

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