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“It's a no-brainer. The results are there. The results that we have seen from StratPlan are there: We have almost doubled our business and the size of our team. We have much better communication as a leadership team and company, a much better leadership team. Bottom line and customer service improved drastically. If you're going to implement [what you take from StratPlan] and hold your team accountable – it’s a no-brainer. Every single business I know has gone through Stratplan, has implemented, and seen those results.”


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Chris is an accomplished entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and leader of leaders helping businesses and individuals realize and maximize their personal and professional potential. With over 20 years of executive + leadership coaching experience


I know what it’s like to wonder if you can lead a team to success, and grow a business without feeling like you're climbing a new mountain every... single... day. With 20+ years experience in running successful, multimillion dollar businesses and coaching leaders to do the same, I will guide you to discover what's holding your business back, uncover new unseen growth and revenue opportunities, and get you your very own initiative-based Action Plan.

Chris LoCurto

Its as Easy as Taking the Next Step

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